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(Answered) Human Anatomy and Physiology 1 Homework 9

Bio 201

Question 1

There are three types of muscle tissue. If you were to look in the wall of your stomach, you would find [1] muscle tissue. That type of muscle tissue [2] striations. In addition, that type of muscle tissue is [3] in its control.

The presence of striations relate to the [4] of the muscle tissue. Because of that, the type of muscle tissue that has the most striations is [5] muscle tissue, which is also [6] muscle meaning that we can control it.

Consider the muscle in your heart.  That is [7] muscle, it [8] striations, and it is [9] in its control.

All three types of muscle tissues are also elastic and [10].

All Answer Choices

  • cardiac
  • skeletal
  • smooth
  • has
  • does not have
  • electrically-active
  • involuntary
  • strength
  • voluntary

Question 2

Identify whether each statement refers to neurons or glia or both.

These can divide.

These are electrically-active.

These have axons.

These can have processes.

These can insulate electrically-active cells.

These are almost always polarized.

An astrocyte is an example of these.  B. glia
These can clean up debris in nervous tissue.

All Answer Choices
A. neurons
B. glia
C. both neurons and glia

Question 3

For each of these tissue types, decide whether it is pretty good at repair and regeneration or if it is pretty bad at it.



dense regular CT


nervous tissue

cartilage B. bad at repair

areolar CT

All Answer Choices
A. good at repair
B. bad at repair

Question 4

Put these steps of inflammation in order from right after injury to the end of repair. Note that the steps are not identical to those in Figure 4.21 in your book. The idea is for you to understand what has to happen when rather than just memorize a few steps.

Fibroblasts remodel the granulation tissue.

White blood cells enter the area (by chemotaxis).
Macrophages begin to digest the clot

Mast cells secrete histamine and heparin.

A fibrosis is formed.
Inflammation occurs

Damaged cells release their contents.

Fibroblasts fill the area that had been filled with the clot by laying down fibers.

Question 5

After injury, this chemical is directly responsible for more blood to enter the injury site.

Question 6

For each statement, identify whether it is true or false.

Cancer is more dangerous when cells leave the area where they were born.  A. true
Mitosis is a normal activity for most cells.

Epithelial tissue is not vascularized. Therefore, cancer cells that originated in epithelial tissue cannot become vascularized.

Cancer occurs when there are mistakes in meiosis.

It is particularly common for neurons to become cancerous.

All Answer Choices
A. true
B. false

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