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(Answered) Human Anatomy and Physiology 1 Homework 21

Bio 201

Question 1

Choose all characteristics that apply to the microscopic structure of cardiac muscle.

Cells are striated

Cells never branch

Cells have multiple nuclei located close to the sarcolemma

Composed of cardiomyocytes

Cells are branched

Cells have one or two centrally located nuclei

Cells are loosely attached

Cells have smooth appearance

Question 2

Choose all that apply to characteristics of smooth muscle.

Sarcomeres are present

Cross-bridging between myosin and actin is regulated by tropomyosin

Calcium ions are supplied by sarcoplasmic reticulum only

Cross-bridging between myosin and actin is regulated by calmodulin

Calcium ions are supplied by sarcoplasmic reticulum and interstitial fluid

Only myosin filaments are present

No sarcomeres

Presence of myosin and actin filaments

Question 3

Contraction of smooth muscle is caused by all of the following EXCEPT:


impulses from somatic nervous system

local factors


stimulation by autonomic nervous system

Question 4

Match the description with the type of muscle tissue

Intercalated disks are present in

Striations are present in

No striations in

Varicosities are present in smooth muscle

All Answer Choices
A. skeletal muscle
B. skeletal and smooth muscle
C. cardiac and skeletal muscle
D. cardiac muscle
E. smooth muscle

Question 5

Match the type of muscle tissue with the type of contraction

Smooth muscle contraction cause

Cardiac muscle contraction cause

Smooth muscle contraction strength

Skeletal muscle contraction cause voluntary
All Answer Choices
A. involuntary but not autorhythmic
B. involuntary and autorhythmic
C. voluntary
D. strong
E. weak

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