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(Answered) Human Anatomy and Physiology 1 Homework 10

Bio 201

Question 1


Match each description with whether it relates to epidermis or dermis.

Connective tissue

Skin pigmentation

basal cells

Vascularization of skin A. dermis


Elastic and collagenous fibers

Sweat glands are found here

Arrector pili muscles are found here

All Answer Choices
A. dermis
B. epidermis

Question 2

Match the cell type with its description.

The main epidermal cell type.

The most common dermal cell type.

The cell type that contributes the primary pigment for our skin.

A cell type that associates with a nerve ending to help us feel light touch.

The cell type that is always breaking off pieces of itself to share with other cells.

Squamous cell carcinoma is from an error in this cell type.

This is the only epidermal cell type that is constantly dividing normally.F. basal cell
This cell type provides some immunity and clean-up functions in the epidermis.

All Answer Choices
A. dendritic cell (a.k.a. Langerhans cell)
B. fibroblast
C. Merkel cell
D. keratinocyte
E. melanocyte
F. basal cell

Question 3

Select all three choices that describe or relate to dermal papillae.  contain blood vessels…..

Answer Choices

contain blood vessels
responsible for keratin production
have cells that are always dividing
contain sweat glands

create more basement membrane for adhering epidermis


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