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(Answered) Human Anatomy and Physiology 1 Homework 8

Bio 201

Question 1

A tissue membrane is also almost always a/an [1]. If you were to look at a person’s liver, that organ would be surrounded by a [2] membrane, which is composed of [3]. Meanwhile, every movable joint in the body contains a [4] membrane, which is composed of [5]. The digestive and respiratory tracts are lined by [6] membranes, that are composed of [7]. You also learned that the integumentary system is built from [8] membranes.

All Answer Choices

organ system
connective tissue only
epithelial tissue only
epithelial and connective tissue

Question 2

Match each item or description with the part of connective tissue it represents.


extracellular fluid

adipocytes C. cells
blood plasma

NOT a part of extracellular matrix.

All Answer Choices
A. ground substance
B. fibers
C. cells

Question 3

Match the CT cell type with the tissue it belongs in or a description of it.

Found in all types of cartilage. A. chondrocyte

Stores triglycerides within it.

The main cell type in blood.

Of all the cell types listed, this is the only one that would come into reticular CT.

Found in CT proper, this cell type is involved in inflammation.

All Answer Choices
A. chondrocyte
B. adipocyte
C. erythrocyte
D. osteocyte
E. mast cell
F. macrophage

Question 4

Match the type of cartilage with its characteristics.

Best type of cartilage to provide cushioning under extra pressure forces.

Most flexible cartilage.

Type of cartilage involved in every movable joint.

The matrix of this cartilage is tough, least bendable, and also extremely smooth.

All Answer Choices
A. elastic cartilage
B. fibrocartilage
C. hyaline cartilage

Question 5

Rank the extracellular fibers from thinnest to thickest.

Question 6

he main cell type in connective tissue proper is the [1]. This cell type is responsible for secreting all the proteins that will assemble into fibers.  Both reticular and collagenous fibers are made out of the protein [2], while elastic fibers are made out of the protein [3]. Fibers can act as [4] for cells in CT, especially for the [5] which has to be able to access all areas to clean up CT.

All CT cells are derived from [6]. Dense regular CT has all of its [7] running in parallel, while that is not the case for dense irregular CT.  Of those two, dense [8] CT is better at handling stress from any direction.

All Answer Choices

ground substance

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