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(Answered) Human Anatomy and Physiology 1 Homework 22

Bio 201

Question 1

Assign each item listed as to whether it is primarily part of white matter or gray matter.

neuron cell bodies

neuron dendrites

neuron axons

peripheral ganglia  gray matter




Schwann cells

A nucleus of neurons is found here.

The nuclei of individual neurons are found here.

All Answer Choices
A. gray matter
B. white matter

Question 2

Identify whether each statement refers to the central or peripheral nervous system, or if it relates to both.

contains neuron cell bodies

contains glia

includes groupings of neurons called nuclei

it only includes groupings of neurons called ganglia

nerves are part of this

tracts are found here

neuronal axons are found here.

contains gray and white matter

All Answer Choices
A. peripheral nervous system
B. central nervous system
C. both

Question 3

Match the glial cell type with its function. You will match some cells with more than one function.

Myelinates axons in the periphery.

Myelinates axons in the central nervous system.

Myelinates more than one axon. oligodendrocytes

Has endfeet on neurons to help provide nutrients to them.

Does much of the clean up of debris in the central nervous system.

Lies around neuron cell bodies and dendrites in the central nervous system to provide physical support.

Found lining spaces within the central nervous system.

Helps damaged axons to regrow.

All Answer Choices
A. Schwann cells
B. ependyma
C. oligodendrocytes
D. microglia
E. astrocytes
Response Feedback:
For the last match, think about where axons can regrow and where they cannot to help you answer this one.

Question 4

Match the part of the neuron with its function or description.

The output regions of neurons.

Synapses are received here.

Processes that act as input regions for a neuron.

A neuron typically has only one of these.

The endoplasmic reticulum and Golgi bodies are found here.

All Answer Choices
A. axons
B. dendrites
C. cell bodies
D. both the dendrites and cell bodies
E. both cell bodies and axons

Question 5

Select all 4 items that are true about myelination.

Answer Choices:
The myelinating glial cell wraps itself many times around the neuronal process.

Schwann cells spit out their nuclei to wrap more tightly.

If a glial cell just wraps itself once around, it has done myelination.

Any glial cell can do this.

Myelination occurs in the central nervous system, but not in the peripheral nervous system.

Each layer of myelin is tightly adherent to the adjacent layers.

Myelination is usually of axons.

Astrocytes are excellent at myelination.

Myelin insulates the axon electrically.

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