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(Answered) Human Anatomy and Physiology 1 Homework 12

Bio 201

Question 1

For each description determine what function is being discussed.

Skull  protection

Red bone marrow of spongy bone

Yellow bone marrow of compact bone

The cervical vertebrae holding up your skull

Some cancer patients may need a bone marrow transplant to recreate their ability to make blood cells

The rib cage prevents day to day activities from damaging your lungs and heart

The salts in bone extracellular matrix

Our bodies can maintain their configuration, even when we are picking up something heavy.

All Answer Choices
A. protection
B. support
C. mineral and fat storage
D. hematopoiesis

Question 2

For each description determine if it is applies to compact bone or spongy bone.

Contains Trabeculae

made up of osteons  compact bone
Located more towards the surface of bones

located more internally in the bones

This type has a bone marrow cavity present

This type does not have a bone marrow cavity

Can withstand compression forces

flexible, can handle stress of weight distribution changes

Functions in reducing the weight of bones

functions in support and strength

All Answer Choices
A. compact bone
B. spongy bone

Question 3

Match the function with the correct cell.

Produces new bone

Reabsorbs bone Osteoclast

Surrounded by matrix

Only bone cells that can divide

Can give rise to new osteoblasts

Can direct the activities of osteoblasts and osteoclasts

Are derived from macrophages

Will become an osteocyte when surrounded by matrix


Communicates with other cells by long processes that pass through canaliculi

All Answer Choices
A. Osteocyte
B. Osteogenic cells
C. Osteoclast
D. Osteoblast


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