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(Answered) Human Anatomy and Physiology 1 Homework 7

Bio 201

Question 1

Epithelial tissue has many functions.  When it carries out secretion, the secreted material is moved across the apical  edge and into the [2].  When it carries out absorption, the absorbed material is moved across the [3] edge and into the [4]. For excretion, the excreted material is moved across the [5] edge and into the [6].  The fact that there is a directionality to epithelial tissue gives it the characteristic of being [7].  But whether the epithelial tissue is carrying out secretion, absorption, or excretion, all three of these functions can be summarized as the overall function of tissue [8].

All Answer Choices

connective tissue

Question 2

Which of these tissues would have stem cells with the highest potency?

Question 3

Epithelium has many functions that are accounted for by its structure.  For example, epithelium can be protective.  One way it can be protective is by being thicker  through either being stratified or having taller cells make it up.  Another way it can be protective is to not let anything slip through between cells by having [2].  Some epithelia can also be protective by being [3] like skin or by having many [4] to secrete a protective layer of mucus.

Another epithelial function is allowing for [5] of materials across it.  For that to occur, the epithelia tend to be [6].

Epithelia can also be really specialized for absorption.  This is particularly true when epithelia is covered in [7], because that apical specialization [8] the surface-to-volume ratio of the cells facing the lumen.

All Answer Choices

goblet cells
intercellular junctions

Question 4

Identify which of the descriptions relate specifically to desmosomes.

Question 5

Match the type of intercellular junction with its description.
These allow tiny solutes and water, as well as electrical signals, to pass from the cytosol of one cell to the next directly.
These are focal points of contact that do not necessarily associate with any cytoskeletal components. C. gap junctions
These are the only type of intercellular junction that prevent any solutions from sneaking between cells to cross epithelia.

When epithelial cells adhere to the basement membrane, they do that through these junctions.

All Answer Choices
A. tight junctions
B. desmosomes
C. gap junctions
D. hemidesmosomes

Question 6

Secretion is done by glands.  Glands can be made up of a single cell, in which case they are called unicellular, or they can be made up of many cells, in which case they are called [2].  The [3] glands secrete into surrounding tissue so that the secretions end up in the blood, while [4] glands secrete into a lumen.  There are also [5] glands that have only one duct and [6] glands that have multiple ducts.  The number of ducts is different from how many pouches of secretory areas a gland has.  If a gland has multiple secretory areas but only one duct, that gland is referred to as [7].  Since when we look at glands under the microscope, we can see their shape, and that shape helps us understand what type of gland it is, we also have names for those shapes.  Glands that have rounded secretory areas are called [8] while those that have elongated secretory areas are called [9].  Cells that carry out secretion within these glands never have [10], since they only add to the material in the lumen and don’t pick anything up or move it along.

All Answer Choices

apical specializations


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