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(Answered) Human Anatomy and Physiology 1 Homework 27

Question 1

The central nervous system includes [1]; the peripheral nervous system is represented by [2].

All Answer Choices

brain and cranial nerves
brain and spinal cord
cranial and spinal nerves and associated ganglia
spinal cord and spinal nerves

Question 2

The brain stem includes the following parts:

Answer Choices:





Question 3

The medullary cardiovascular center actually consists of 2 centers. They are:

Answer Choices:
Cardioaccelerator center

Cardioinhibitory center

Ventral center

Dorsal center

Question 4

The medullary respiratory center actually consists of two parts regulating basic breathing. These parts are:

Answer Choices:
Accelerating center

Ventral group

Dorsal group

Inhibitory center

Question 5

The cerebellum is connected to other parts of the brain via 3 pairs of the cerebellar peduncles.

Match each pair of the cerebellar peduncles with the corresponding brain structure.

Inferior cerebellar peduncles Medulla

Middle cerebellar peduncles

Superior cerebellar peduncles

All Answer Choices
A. Cerebrum
B. Medulla
C. Midbrain
D. Diencephalon
E. Pons

Question 6

Two endocrine glands are associated with the parts of the diencephalon. The hypothalamus is connected to [1], and the epithalamus contains [2].

All Answer Choices

thyroid gland
pineal gland
pituitary gland

Question 7

The brain contains areas of gray matter associated with production of neurotransmitters.

Match the nucleus with its product.

Pineal gland

Substantia nigra

All Answer Choices
A. Glycine
B. Dopamine
C. Melatonin

Question 8

The cerebrum has two major speech areas. Match each area with its main function.

Broca’s area

Wernicke’s area

All Answer Choices
A. Speech understanding
B. Speech production
C. Sound production
D. Sound discrimination

Question 9

Parkinson’s disease is a disorder caused by several factors. Choose all 5 that apply.

Answer Choices:
Death of cerebral neurons in the motor cortex decreases motor activity

The neurons producing serotonin are dying

The dying neurons in the substantia nigra pars compacta stop releasing dopamine

Lack of activation of indirect pathway leads to hyperkinesis

The neurons in the substantia nigra are dying

Lack of activation of direct pathway leads to hypokinesis, the deficiency or lack of movement.

Without dopamine, the basal nuclei are stuck in the indirect pathway

Without dopamine, the direct pathway cannot be activated

Question 10

The hypothalamus regulates the production and release of hormones from the following gland(s):

Answer Choices:
Pituitary gland

Pineal gland

Glands other than pituitary or pineal

Both pituitary and pineal gland

Question 11

The basal nuclei in the cerebrum are connected with a few more nuclei in the brainstem that together act as a functional group that forms two motor pathways, the direct and indirect motor pathways. Choose the one option that does NOT apply to the direct motor pathway.

Answer Choices:
It signals to the basal nuclei that the body is in an active state, ready to move

It is activated by dopamine

It causes the disinhibition of the thalamus

It is the longer pathway

It results in increased activity in the cerebral cortex, and therefore, increased motor activity

Question 12

Match each description with its brain region.

Involved in coordination of proprioceptive and balance input for motor control.

Sensory input (except for olfaction) goes to this brain region first.

An essential component of the basal ganglia (nuclei).

Necessary for learning, but severely hindered by plaques in Alzheimer’s disease.

Visual and sound localization occurs due to nuclei in this region.  midbrain

All Answer Choices
A. midbrain
B. pons
C. cerebellum
D. thalamus
E. red nucleus
F. hippocampus
G. caudate nucleus

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