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(Answered) Human Anatomy and Physiology 1 Homework 23

Bio 201

Question 1

For each statement, specify whether it is true or false.

Gated channels are for active transport.

Ligand-gated channels open when their ion binds to them.

Leakage channels are a type of gated channel.

Voltage-gated channels open when the membrane they are embedded in undergo a change in electrical condition.

Leakage channels are most common for potassium ions or for chloride ions, but not for calcium or sodium ions.

The ligand that opens a ligand-gated channel also passes through the channel.

When you pull or push on your skin you are opening mechanically-gated channels.

Sodium/potassium pumps are for active transport.

Gated channels have to associate with another membrane protein to open.

In order to open a voltage-gated channel, the membrane potential has to get more positive.

All Answer Choices
A. true
B. false

Question 2

Match each description with the best term.

Used to display the membrane potential during an experiment.

The potential of a cell is measured across this.

Used to penetrate a membrane to detect the voltage inside the cell. microelectrode

When a cell is not active, this is the voltage across its membrane.

All Answer Choices
A. action potential
B. cytosol
C. resting potential
D. microelectrode
E. membrane
F. voltmeter

Question 3

Match each description with the term that best fits it.

A neuron that sends information out of the nervous system is categorized as this.

Touch, temperature, and pain are each examples of this.

When multiple sensory inputs converge, the process of ___ occurs to determine whether a response should be carried out.

A neuron that brings information from the brain to motorneurons in the spinal cord is this.

A sensory neuron is also this.

The neuron that innervates muscle is this.

The sensory receptor picks up the sensory input through this.

Any neuron that is not a sensory or motor neuron can be considered this.

All Answer Choices
A. an action potential
B. integration
C. an afferent
D. an efferent
E. an upper motorneuron
F. perception
G. A lower motorneuron
H. transduction
I. an interneuron
J. a stimulus

Question 4

Order the following from most negative to most positive.
Answer Choices
the resting membrane potential of an electrically-active cell
the membrane potential at the peak of an action potential
the electrical potential of the extracellular fluid
the resting membrane potential of a cell that is not electrically-active

Question 5

Select both correct answers about a bipolar neuron.
Answer Choices
It has two nuclei.

It has one axon.

It has one dendrite.

Its dendrite doesn’t branch.

It has multiple dendrites.

It has multiple axons.

Question 6

Sequence these items in order from input to output through a neural circuit.
Answer Choices 
muscle contraction
sensory neuron

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