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(Answered) Human Anatomy and Physiology 1 Homework 32

Question 1

A few sensory receptors are listed below. Select each one that is NOT a neuron, but is instead a modified epithelial cell. This question has multiple correct answers.

Answer Choices:
olfactory sensory neuron

mitral cell

vallate papillae

fungiform papillae

Question 2

Gustatory epithelial cells are excited by _________________ .

Answer Choices:
action potentials of the olfactory nerve filaments

the taste buds with undissolved chemicals

binding of tastants to receptors on their microvilli

binding of odorants to receptors on their microvilli

Question 3

Olfactory pathways to the brain are associated with which of these?

Answer Choices:
Mitral cells in the olfactory bulb

Inferior colliculi

Optic chiasma

None of the above

Question 4

Put the following items into the order from the odorant molecule arriving to sending olfactory information to the rest of the brain.
olfactory tract

mitral cell activation

olfactory receptor neuron axon activation

cribiform plate of the ethmoid bone

olfactory epithelium


Question 5

Smell transduction and taste transduction share which of the following in common?

Answer Choices:
In reality these transduction pathways share nothing in common.

Olfactory bulbs

Mitral cells

Both could involve a pathway which includes G protein.

Question 6

When someone has a common cold they experience a loss of appetite. The best explanation is _______________________ .

Answer Choices:
what we think of as taste is mainly smell

the nasal congestion caused by the cold failed to block access to olfactory receptors

tastants are no longer dissolved in saliva due to dry mouth

odorants can no longer be drawn into the nose by sniffing

Question 7

Which cranial nerves are involved in the physiology of taste?

Answer Choices:


II, IV and VI

VII, IX and X

Question 8

Which of the following conditions is ordinarily indicated when olfactory neurons lose their ability to replace themselves?

Answer Choices:
mild depression

inflammatory response to an allergy

age related anosmia

antibiotics killed all the olfactory neurons at once

Question 9

Which submodality of taste is sensitive to the pH of saliva?

Answer Choices:




Question 10

Every sensory receptor has to produce a generator potential  to activate the next cell in its pathway (or itself).  The sensory receptors for the somatic senses are true neurons, with their cell bodies typically within the dorsal root ganglia.  Meanwhile, the only special senses receptor that is a true neuron with an axon is the [3].  For example, taste cells are [4] that exist entirely within the [5].  Each sensory receptor is activated by specific stimuli, so that [6] are activated within the cochlea by a [7] that causes a [8] of their hairs, while [9] in the semicircular canals are activated by [10] that causes [11] to push on their hairs.  Some sensory receptors can only be [12] by their stimuli, while others, like the vestibular sensory receptors, can be [13] by their stimuli.  When a sensory receptor does not have an axon, it has to synapse onto a neuron in order to send the information back to the [14].  For example, a taste cell for sweet tastes will most likely synapse onto a sensory neuron that will carry the information back through the [15] nerve.

All Answer Choices

dorsal root ganglia
depolarized or hyperpolarized
modified epithelial cells
movement of the head
specific sound frequency
generator potential
crista ampullaris hair cells
mechanical bending
olfactory receptor neuron
auditory hair cells

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