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(Answered) Human Anatomy and Physiology 1 Homework 28


2. Sensory neurons in the dorsal ganglia are this anatomical type of neuron.
4. A tract that carries pain information from the body to the brain.
10. Sensory neurons enter the spinal cord on the dorsal side through this white matter
11. A set of axons that run within the white matter carrying similar information.
12. This side of the spinal cord tends to be mostly motor in function.
13. The somatosensory input from the legs about touch and proprioception run through
this fasciculus within the spinal cord.
14. A simple neuronal circuit.
19. The corticospinal tract carries this type of information within it.
21. Gray matter region within the spinal cord.
22. The afferents from the arms in the dorsal column pathway synapse in this medullary
23. The crossing of axons from one side of the spinal cord or brain to the other.


1. The knee-jerk reflex is an example of this type of reflex.
3. Disynaptic and polysynaptic reflexes all require this type of neuron.
5. The type of sensory neuron that provides the input for the knee-jerk reflex.
6. The main tract for pain and temperature runs through this column of the spinal cord.
7. A descending tract.
8. The efferent neuron in the knee-jerk reflex is this type of neuron by function.
9. This reflex can be elicited in a newborn, until their descending tract reaches the
sacral region of the spinal cord.
13. The gray matter regions in the PNS that contain the somatosensory neurons.
15. The type of muscle involved in the pain withdrawal reflex.
16. After stepping on a pin, this type of muscle on the contralateral side of the body will
be activated by a reflex.
17. The corticospinal tracts from each side of the brain are visible as bumps in the
medulla (where they cross over) called this.
18. The strange-looking person/map of our body in our somatosensory and motor
20. These body regions (along with the mouth) are extremely large in our homunculi.
22. White matter region (a.k.a. funiculus) in the spinal cord.

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