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(Answered) Human Anatomy and Physiology 1 Homework 15

BIO201: Homework 15 on Joints

Find the missing words

4. Ligaments found in a syndesmosis.
5. The type of synovial joint that only allows for movement in one direction (and not rotation). HINGE
6. The type of synovial joint that has the most mobility and is exemplified in our shoulder and
hip joints.
8. The synovial lubricates a synovial joint.
9. The only somewhat movable type of fibrous joint.
11. This fibrocartilage structure is found in some synovial joints.
14. The type of joint between our vertebrae.
16. This type of synovial joint occurs with bones that fit into one another almost like two C shaped hooks and can slide around one another.
18. Structural type of joint that has chondrocytes.
21. At the time of birth a child has not finished developing all their sutures and has this instead
at some locations.
22. The type of synovial joint that allows for rotation.
23. Structural type of joint that typically contains dense regular CT.
28. Immovable joint.
29. This tissue makes up symphysis joints.
30. Freely movable joint.
31. The epiphyseal plate is an example of this.
1. This type of synovial joint allows for biaxial movements around a smooth, rounded process.
2. In all forms of arthritis, the articular is typically worn away or damaged.
3. The ligaments that hold your teeth to your jaws. PERIODONTAL
6. An extra pouch of synovial membrane filled with fluid found at some joints.
7. The type of joint that holds your teeth in place.
10. This type of joint can move or at least shift a little.
12. The synovial is responsible for secreting fluid.
13. The type of cartilage in a synchondrosis.
15. Structural type of joint that contains a capsule with fluid.
17. The type of synovial joint that only allows for movement in one plane, but it allows for
multiple directions of movement in that plane.
19. Joint between flat bones in your skull.
20. We think of joints as important for , but not all joints can move.
24. Some joints are designed for and so they are not as good at movement.
25. Osteo-, rheumatoid, and gouty are all forms of this type of joint disease.
26. The purpose of having a bursa in synovial joints is to reduce between the joint and the
surrounding tissues.
27. Inflammation of a bursa.

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