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(Answered) Human Anatomy and Physiology 1 Homework 26

Bio 201

Question 1

There are several ventricles in the brain.

Put the correct choice in the sentence. The same choice can be used more than one time.

The brain ventricles (in numerical order) are: lateralthird and [3].  There are two [4] ventricles, and one of each of the other two ventricles. The [5] ventricle is located in the diencephalic region and the [6] ventricle is located in the brainstem. The two lower ventricles are connected by the [9]. The [10] ventricle is continuous with the CSF region that is not part of the brain, the [11] of the [12].

All Answer Choices

spinal cord
cerebral aqueduct
central canal

Question 2

The brain and the spinal cord are protected by several covering. Choose all that apply.

Answer Choices:
White matter

Dura mater

Pia mater

Gray matter

Septum pellucidum

Arachnoid mater

Question 3

This meninx has different number of layers in the brain and spinal cord. This meninx, dura mater, is [2] in the brain and [3] in the spinal cord. The two layers of the [4] mater in the [5], are the [6] and [7] layers.
Selected Answer:
This meninx has different number of layers in the brain and spinal cord. This meninx,   dura mater, is   double-layered in the brain and   single-layered in the spinal cord. The two layers of the   dura mater in the   brain, are the   meningeal and   periostal layers.

All Answer Choices

spinal cord

Question 4

There are spaces between the meninges of the brain and also within some of brain meninges.

Match the space with the correct definition.

Subdural space

Subarachnoid space

Venous sinuses

All Answer Choices
A. Below dura mater
B. Between gray and white matter
C. Below gray matter
D. Between the arachnoid mater and pia mater
E. Within the dura mater
F. Within the pia mater

Question 5

Within the brain, most of venous blood is drained into the

Answer Choices:
Capillary system

Circle of Willis

Dural venous sinuses

Intrabrain veins

Question 6

The cerebrospinal fluid is generated by the [1], projecting into the [2]. The cerebrospinal fluid is a filtrate of [3]; it is reabsorbed back to [4] within the [5].

All Answer Choices

brain ventricles
arachnoid granulations
choroid plexi
arterial blood
dural venous sinuses
venous blood
cerebral aqueduct
central canal of the spinal cord

Question 7

Match the ventricles and cerebral aqueduct to their location in the brain.

Lateral ventricles

Third ventricle

Cerebral aqueduct

Fourth ventricle

All Answer Choices
A. Diencephalon
B. Cerebral hemispheres
C. Between the cerebellum and the pons and medulla of the brain stem
D. Midbrain

Question 8

There are two major sources of arterial blood in the brain. The superior portion of the brain is supplied by [1], bringing [2] percent of arterial blood. The inferior portion of the brain is supplied by [3], bringing [4] percent of arterial blood. Two portions of arterial supply are united within the structure called [5].
All Answer Choices

circle of Willis
internal carotid arteries
common carotid arteries
internal jugular veins
external carotid arteries
vertebral arteries
choroid plexuses

Question 9

From dural venous sinuses, the deoxygenated blood is eventually drained into

Answer Choices:
external jugular veins

circle of Willis

common jugular veins

internal jugular veins

Question 10

The dural venous sinuses are located

Answer Choices:
between the periostal and meningeal layers of the dura mater

above the periosteal layer of the dura mater

above the brain fissures

below the meningeal layer of the dura mater

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