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(Answered) Homework 1: weather and atmosphere

Question 1

The average annual snowfall in Boulder, CO, is approximately 90 inches. Is this an example of weather or climate?

  1. Weather
  2. Climate

Question 2

The temperature of a substance is directly related to the _________ energy of molecules within that substance. If the substance cools off, the molecules will move _______ than before.

  1. potential; faster
  2. quantum; faster
  3. quantum; slower
  4. kinetic; slower

Question 3

Convert 35 degrees C to degrees F. Round your answer to the nearest integer and include units.

  1. 95F
  2. 95 degrees F
  3. 95 degrees Fahrenheit
  4. 95 °F
  5. 95°F

Question 4

Convert –15 degrees F to Kelvin. Round your answer to the nearest integer and include units.

  1. 247 Kelvin
  2. 247K

Question 5

Imagine that you spend a beautiful summer morning climbing to the summit of Pike’s Peak, where the observed pressure is 700 mb. If the sea-level pressure is 1000 mb, approximately what percentage of the atmosphere resides at altitudes below the summit of Pike’s Peak?

  1. 30%
  2. 70%
  3. 50%
  4. 15%

Question 6

Imagine that you just left the gas station after filling up your car tires before a long road trip. As you drive, the temperature of the air inside the tires warms up. Assuming there’s no leak in the tires and that the volume of each tire is constant, what will happen to the pressure of the air inside the tires?

  1. pressure will remain constant
  2. pressure will decrease
  3. pressure will increase

Question 7

Winds are named for the direction they are ___________. Therefore, a wind that blows from the southwest towards the northeast is called a _____________ wind.

  1. blowing towards; northeasterly
  2. blowing towards; southwesterly
  3. blowing from; northeasterly
  4. blowing from; southwesterly

Question 8

The direction of the wind can also be described in degrees. What is the direction of the wind in degrees for a wind that blows from the southeast towards the northwest?

  1. 45 degrees
  2. 135 degrees
  3. 225 degrees
  4. 315 degrees

Question 9

What processes emit considerable amounts of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere?

  1. Combustion of fossil fuels
  2. Ocean absorption
  3. Photosynthesis
  4. Burning plants/forests

Question 10

In which layer of the atmosphere does the weather we experience occur and how thick is this layer?

  1. Thermosphere; 10 km
  2. Thermosphere; 30 km
  3. Troposphere; 10 km
  4. Troposphere; 30 km

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