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(Answered) NR 443 Week 7 Discussion: Communities and Disaster Preparedness

Discussion Question

Think about disasters your community has or could potentially face. Now, think about how your community is helping its members prepare.

  1. Explore your community and find an advertisement that represents helping community members be prepared for a disaster.
    • Examples could be a billboard, poster at a bus stop, marquee sign, flyer, yard sign and more. Example: Sign advertising ‘free’ flu vaccinations at a local pharmacy.
  2. Upload that picture into the discussion.
    • To have it display in your post:
      1. Click the embed image (looks like a picture of a mountain),
      2. Choose upload image from the drop down arrow
      3. Click on the Upload Image (rocket ship) icon
      4. Click on the image you want to display
      5. Choose Open
      6. Click Submit
  3. Describe the message the advertisement is conveying.
    • Describe how the message impact preparedness.
  4. If you cannot find any advertisement in your community, describe a type of advertisement for disaster preparedness you think would be most beneficial to your community and how it would be best conveyed.
  5. Next, identify one community setting that is impacted by the disaster advertisement you shared
    1. Settings:
      • Correctional facilities
      • Home health
      • Schools
      • Forensic areas
      • Hospice
      • Faith communities
      • Occupational health
  6. Analyze at least one nursing role (refer to Week 6 lesson) related to disaster preparedness in that setting. Example: In the school setting, what actions and interventions would be involved with the nurse as coordinator of disaster preparedness?
  7. Identify at least one key stakeholder related to the setting that a CHN could collaborate with regarding disaster preparedness. Include why this collaboration is important.

Your discussion post should look like:

  • Uploaded picture
  • Paragraph one: Describe the message the advertisement is conveying and how the message impact preparedness.
  • Paragraph two: Identify one community setting that is impacted by the disaster advertisement you shared. Analyze at least one nursing role related to disaster preparedness in that setting.
  • Paragraph three: Identify at least one key stakeholder related to the setting that a CHN could collaborate with regarding disaster preparedness. Include why this collaboration is important.
  • Resources: Where did you find your data?


The purpose of this discussion is for learners to identify ways their community is helping members be prepared for potential disasters including the importance of collaboration.

Course Outcomes

This assignment enables the student to meet the following course outcome:

  • CO4 Analyze the professional nursing roles in a variety of community settings (PO7)
  • CO5 Utilize a collaborative approach to address factors that influence population health (PO2)

Due Date

During the assigned week (Sunday the start of the assigned week through Sunday the end of the assigned week):

  • Posts in the discussion at least two times, and
  • Posts in the discussion on two different days


Flooding is the disaster that will be discussed. In the event of a flood, the poster found that in a school environment there are flood safety measures. It states that in the event of floods, one should make sure someone knows where they are, turn off the electricity, prepare some floating devices, be calm, listen to the news, pack a backpack, and leave if required (Nguyen et al., 2021). This poster can help people be more prepared in the event of a disaster by directing them on how to save themselves.

Schools are one community context that has been touched by this poster campaign. Floods within a school campus can be extremely dangerous, especially if students and staff….


Nguyen, C.D., Ubukata, F., Nguyen, Q.T. et al. Long-Term Improvement in Precautions for Flood Risk Mitigation: A Case Study in the Low-Lying Area of Central Vietnam. Int J Disaster Risk Sci 12, 250–266 (2021).

Peden AE, Mayhew A, Baker SD, Mayedwa M, Saunders CJ. Exploring Flood Response Challenges, Training Needs, and the Impact of Online Flood Training for Lifeguards and Water Safety Professionals in South Africa. Int J Environ Res Public Health. 2023 Aug 13;20(16):6573. doi: 10.3390/ijerph20166573. PMID: 37623158; PMCID: PMC10454401.

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