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(Answered) NR 443 Week 3 Social Media Discussion: Population Health Problems

Discussion Question

Problems that impact populations are vast and now more than ever social media is getting involved.

  1. Choose one of the following population health problems to focus on:
    1. Substance use and/or abuse
    2. Environmental health (air, water, ground, energy, climate, etc.) has a wealth of information
    3. Violence
    4. Abuse
  2. Research and share an overview of the current data on this population health problem specific to your community. You must use one (or more) of the resources from the Direct Care Project Part 1: Assessment and Diagnosis assignment. You may choose to find additional outside source(s).
  3. Then take a moment to review the Twitter feed for compelling Tweets that may have an impact on or discuss the population health problem.
  4. Give an overview of any agency, organization, person, or affiliation that is addressing the population health problem.
  5. How could a community health nurse collaborate with the agency, organization, person, or affiliation address the population health problem?
  6. Compose a 280-character or fewer Tweet that describes what you have shared with the class. Remember Twitter only allows 280 characters (this includes spaces, etc.) so you will need to be concise. It should include a hashtag. Include the URL to the reference or Tweet if applicable. Share this Tweet in the discussion.
  7. Note: A Twitter account is not required nor is posting your Tweet on social media.
  8. Your discussion post should look like:
    • Paragraph one: Overview of the current data on this population health problem specific to your community
    • Paragraph two: Overview of any agency, organization, person, or affiliation that is addressing the population health problem
    • Paragraph three: How could a community health nurse collaborate with the agency, organization, person, or affiliation to address the population health problem?
    • Tweet: 280-character or fewer Tweet with hashtag and reference if applicable.
    • Resources: Where did you find your data?
  9. Example Tweet: Your zip code can have more of an impact on your health than your genetic code. Know your stats. #socialdeterminantsofhealth #SDoH #knowyourstats


The purpose of this discussion is for learners to identify different population health problems that are impacting their community.

Course Outcome

This assignment enables the student to meet the following course outcome:

  • CO5 Utilize a collaborative approach to address factors that influence population health (PO2)


Substance misuse has been acknowledged as a public health issue (drug and alcohol abuse). This issue affects my entire community, from the city of Mount Vernon to the county of Westchester and the state of New York (New York). Adult smoking rates in Westchester County and New York State, respectively, are 11 percent and 14 percent, according to County Health Rankings and Roadmaps (2018). Excessive drinking, alcohol-impaired deaths, and drug overdose deaths are all on the rise in Westchester County and New York State, with rates of 18% and 19%, 22 percent and 21 percent, 16 percent and 19 percent, respectively. SAMHSA data reveals high prevalence of substance misuse. Substance abuse rates in New York versus the United States are 26.8% vs. 28.9% for tobacco use, 14.8 vs. 13.9 for marijuana use…. Click the purchase button below to get the complete answer for NR 443 Week 3 at $5

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