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(Answered) HIST&148 D1 10605 DA5

Week 5 Discussion Assignment – 30 points total

I. Original Message (15 pts) Post a brief (approx. 250 word) message addressing one of the following questions. Be sure to use information and examples from the class readings:

1. More Americans in More Places. How did American participation in World War II lead to the U.S. taking a much more active, involved role in the world, even in places where the U.S. traditionally had little role to play? Another way to think of it: how did the events or strategies of World War II make isolationism deeply unpopular and/or virtually impossible? What was it about World War II that led to the U.S. playing such a large military and diplomatic role in international affairs by 1945?


2. The Feds become the Feds. In what ways did the U.S. government in World War II become an even larger force in American society than it had been during the Great Depression? For example, were there powers or functions or expenditures that the U.S. government took up during the war that it did not have under the New Deal? What was it about the war that increased the size and powers of the government even more than the crisis of the Great Depression?

II. Response on other question (15 pts) In addition, post a short (4-6 sentence) response to someone else’s message about the OTHER question, the one you did not answer. 


The axis countries received a massive response when the Japanese military attacked Pearl Harbor in December 1941. Prior to World War II, the United States was known for being a vast country that was not particularly engaged on the international stage. Or at least not as much as it would become in the years leading up to and following World War II.
Only a few months after the bombing in Hawaii, the United States announced its entry into the war. After joining the allies, the US demonstrated its strength in a way that ultimately impacted the war’s fate….Click below to purchase the full answer at $5

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