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(Answered) HIST&148 D1 10605 DA8

Week 8 Discussion Assignment – 30 points total


I. Original Message (15 pts) Post a brief (approx. 250 word) message addressing one of the following questions. Be sure to use information and examples from the textbook:

1. Equality and/or Difference. In what ways did the women’s movements of the postwar period call for equality between men and women, and in what ways did they focus on the differences between men and women? (These are not necessarily opposites of each other or in tension with each other, by the way, just different emphases. You could also think of it as a question of integration vs. separation.) Based on your reading of the primary source documents selected, did the feminist movements focus more on gender equality or on gender difference?


2. Civil Rights Movement(s). (From the “Questions for Consideration,” number 10) How does the feminist movement compare to other social movements you may have studied, for example labor movements, African American civil rights movements, gay and lesbian rights movements, etc.? What explains some of the similarities and differences?

II. Response on other question (15 pts) In addition, post a short (4-6 sentence) response to someone else’s message about the OTHER question, the one you did not answer.


The National Group for Women (NOW), for example, is a feminist organization that focuses on job equity. The organization’s demands for reform contributed to “leveling the playing field between the sexes by giving support for women to deal with the home duties that weighed them down so heavily and put them at a disadvantage in public life.” 1 Activists noticed that sexism pervaded all aspects of society. It manifested itself in the workplace through employment segregation, women being expected to shoulder the majority of domestic obligations, male teachers in educational settings providing less attention and care to female students, and the media portraying women as sexual objects…Click below to purchase the full answer at $5

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