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(Answered) Astron 001 Unit 2 Video Quiz

Astron 001 Unit 2 Video Quiz

Question 1
If a star rises tonight at 6:56 pm, what time will it rise tomorrow night?
6:00 pm

7:00 pm

6:52 pm

7:04 pm

Question 2
Photons, massless particles of light, can be affected by gravity.


Question 3
In the northern summer, the Sun takes a ______________ path in the sky. As a result, the days are ______________.
Higher, Shorter

Lower, Shorter

Higher, Longer

Lower, Longer

Question 4
The force of gravity eventually reaches zero.


Question 5
Match the escape velocity for the Earth, Jupiter, and the Sun.



Question 6
Polaris will NOT always be the North Star.


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