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(Answered) Astron 001 Unit 3 Video Quiz

Astron 001 Unit 3 Video Quiz

Question 1
A total solar eclipse lasts on the order of ____________ while a total lunar eclipse lasts on the order of ____________.
days, weeks

hours, minutes

weeks, days

minutes, hours

Question 2
In the northern hemisphere, as the moon progresses through the phases in order from new moon, the moon begins to illuminate from the ___________ side, and begins to darken from the __________ side.
left, left

right, right

right, left

left, right

Question 3
A total solar eclipse allows us to study the Sun’s _______________



Convection Zone

Question 4
The phase of the moon we see depends on from what _____________ the sunlight’s hitting it, and the _____________ we see that from Earth.
angle, direction

distance, altitude

direction, angle

altitude, distance

Question 5
Assuming an average day lasts 12 hours, and an average night lasts 12 hours, what time is it when the full moon reaches its highest position in the sky (halfway between rising and setting – AKA crossing the meridian)?



12 am

Question 6
Every year the Moon moves farther away from Earth.


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