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artifact analysis

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This essay should relate to my artifact analysis and initial research integration. i will paste both below in the comments with titles spaced out along with the prompt and grading guide.


In this artifact of the Gatorade Poster it shows Michael Jordan doing what he does best. This poster overall is saying that if you are drinking their product, your performance level will go up and you will be able to elevate your game like Michael Jordan did. In this image, the reader can see Michael doing an awesome dunk in front of a sold out crowd. This can be applied to pathos because people who are into basketball realize that Michael was the best at this time and to want to be him. Therefore, by drinking Gatorade, basketball players may feel like they can become great like Jordan in their own minds and play high level of basketball at the highest level imaginable. Not only does the action of this image appeal to your pathos, but the coloring does as well by creating contrast. By making Michael and the Gatorade stand out in this image, it really puts the focus on both elements.
This poster also demonstrates Logos. The creator of this poster gives it a sense of logic and reasoning. All athletes want to be is the best in their prime years of their game, and this poster shows that the Gatorade product is helping MJ play at the best levels of professional basketball. By doing this, it makes athletes want to fuel their bodies with this source, because they see one of the greatest basketball players of all time using it. This gives them the impression that by using this product, it cannot do anything but help their play.
The last rhetorical appeal Ethos goes hand and hand with this poster because the object they use, in this case would be Michael Jordan, has immense credibility behind his name alone. Becoming one of the greatest of all time and playing at the highest level possible at his sport makes him a credible source for this poster. Not only is his level of play used to promote the images ethos, but science is as well. The quote beside Mike making his incredible dunk states that it is scientifically developed to help your body refuel and recover 30% faster than water. By using scientific data, it makes this poster more credible, making readers at home want to follow in Mike?s footsteps.
My overall interpretation of this poster is that Gatorade helps Michael?s performance based on how the product helped his body. By this product allowing Michael to play better, it made others want to buy this product as well. Michael Jordan was the best at what he did to the point where people paid lots of money to watch him play. I believe that this message conveys a valid point and it communicated very well to reader. The poster is very obvious with the point it was trying to make, by using the best athlete around the sport of basketball at that time. It increases the value of their drink to athletes reading the poster. This artifact is not only for athletes; it can be for the average person for the purpose of something as simple as wanting to get in better shape. Though they may not necessarily be able to do things like Mike, they feel that by buying the product and using it, it may draw them closer to achieving their goals in general. This still allows them to feel a part of the message being conveyed because they drink the same potion as an NBA great. Besides all the messages being told through this image, it also shows what kind of company the product is made by. The company must have some credibility to be able to work directly with ?THE Michael Jordan?, a great one. People may not only notice how Michael uses this product to elevate his game as shown, but it also portrays a picture that Gatorade had to gain MJ?s trust so that he would be shown using their product. Gatorade must be an influential enough brand to showcase such icons as Michael Jordan to promote their products.

Research Integration

In this artifact of the Gatorade Poster it shows Michael Jordan doing what he does best. This poster overall is saying that if you are drinking their product, your performance level will go up and you will be able to elevate your game like Michael Jordan did. In this image, the reader can see Michael doing an awesome dunk in front of a sold out crowd. This Image of Jordan showed why people idealize him and wanted to be him. People who are into basketball realize that Michael was the best at this time and wanted to be him.
Michael Jordan?s name its self is very creditable. People seem to compare the current all-time greats in basketball to Michael. Do you ever wonder why? I do because I idealize my work ethic to this man growing up. I consider him a great at what he did so I felt he had the tools I need to get there. According to, Jordan?s stats and the rare numbers he produced at the time included being The National Basketball Associations Champion and Most Valuable Player multiple times. This was extremely rare at the time, and so it was clear that he had the resources to elevate him to be great and accomplish goals people only dreamed of. Him being able to represent a brand such as Gatorade is a large accomplishment and gives the viewer even more reason to look up to him or even want to be just like him. To me, the artifact was saying that Jordan was the most valuable piece to the advertisement. His picture was visually bigger then the product itself, as if to pay tribute to his great successes.
Jordan did not just associate his name with any product. The product had to work. The main point of this product?s creation was to replace electrolytes lost during any form of exercise or activities requiring stress on the body. Gatorade not only contains electrolytes but it?s made up of water, sugar, salt and potassium (Meier). Specific functions of each ingredient are explained in an article from the New York Times stating, ?water rehydrates the body after exercise, sugar provides carbohydrates for energy, salt helps retain water and potassium helps muscle function? (Meier). What do you believe is the cause of cramps or dehydration? Most cramps or dehydration are caused because not enough fluid intake or loss of electrolytes as stated in the Sports Health peer edited Journal. This Journal provided the poster with credible evidence by proving Gatorade contains elements to help prevent cramps. Another key component to this solution was that it prevented dehydration and replaces the body with fresh energy. Therefore, by drinking Gatorade, players may feel like they can become great like Jordan in their own minds and play at highest level imaginable. This drink, however, is not just for athletes. An average person could drink this simply because of the taste and for hydration. Gatorade has been a common home remedy to conditions such as diarrhea, hangovers, morning sickness, and more. The product is marketed to the average person, so the outlook from their perspective is essential.
When looking at this poster even as an average person, I feel as if it can give anyone the feeling that they have an opportunity, even if their chances are not high. Did you know Michael Jordan was cut from Laney North Carolina High School varsity basketball team as a sophomore? They placed him on the JV team instead. At this point in Jordan?s career, he was just like everyone else, the average high school student. Now look at Michael and everything he has done. Does his story give you any hope that you can accomplish your greatest dreams? I feel that all the adversity Jordan has faced to become who he is today is the main reason he has became a cultural icon and people dream to be him or just like him. His story connects to many and gives them hope that they can achieve their highest goals and Gatorade can help them get there. It gives the impression that it is meant to be drank by anyone who wants to become great in anything they want to do.
Gatorade choosing this image of Michael Jordan doing a reverse slam dunk and putting a large emphasis on the reverse portion of the dunk gave their product even more of an edge compared to other similar products competing with Gatorade. For example, it is rare to see and elite athlete doing a commercial with Powerade. Gatorade made sure to involve themselves with representations that equally match if not outweigh them with popularity of their buyers. This image also shows Gatorade is helping other athletes partnered with them by focusing their ad more on the representation instead of the product. Additionally, they show in this advertisement they you can reverse bad effects on the body by saying, ?Reverse your Thirst? by drinking Gatorade. This is a credible argument, as I explained earlier in the paper, because it prevents dehydration and helps stop muscle cramps. The choice of words boosted the scheme of the ad based off the rhythm wording placed with the overall message. It is straightforward by delivering the necessary message in few words, directly relating to the product and its representation.
Growing up did you always want to be the main sports attraction or did you just like to watch others in front of sold out crowds. Well, as you can see in the image, there is huge crowd being amazed by the Michael Jordan doing a slam-dunk. I felt as if Gatorade tried to do everything to catch the eyes of viewers. Not only visually, but also internally by putting this cultural icon in the shoes of a dreamer. I say this because if you really analyze my artifact you will see all the connections they try to make to viewers. I know a lot of people idealize Michael growing up and want to be just like him and this picture makes some people feel like they have the same opportunity as him, especially young athletes. But for those who are not athletes it is trying to establish a connection to you as well. You don?t have to be athletic or play sports to be the main attraction of something or feel important in what you do like Mike does. This image and message I feel is trying to establish hope for the person that viewing it.

Miller KC, Stone MS, Huxel KC, Edwards JE. Exercise-Associated Muscle Cramps. Sports Health. 2010;2(4):279?283. Available at:

Meier, Barry. “What’s Best After Exercise, A Sports Drink or Just Water?” The New York Times. The New York Times, 09 Aug. 1991. Web. 03 Nov. 2015.

“ Michael Jordan Career Stats.” Michael Jordan Career Stats. NBA Media Ventures, LLC, 2015. Web. 03 Nov. 2015.

Critical essay prompt

Critical Analysis Essay Prompt
Your Task:
The Critical Analysis Essay is the final step in the Critical Analysis Project?the thing you have been working towards all term. You have close read your artifacts in the Artifact Analysis, Researched academic conversations around your artifacts with the Annotated bibliography and integrated experts voices with your own in the Research Integration. In this final assignment, your task is to finally enter the conversation. It is now the time to make an argument and engage with other scholars. In this paper you will take your knowledge of the contemporary conversation you have researched, and, with a foundational piece of evidence you have analyzed in depth (your artifact), you will form your own original thesis, find other pieces of evidence and present a clear and persuasive argument before your fellow scholars.
Your Role:
You are no longer a student with this paper; you are an academic engaging with your colleagues, not your teachers. This paper needs to be clear, structured and organized, presenting a compelling and original argument. You are engaging with your fellow critics here, their voices are not simply there to back up your credibility now; their arguments can also be extended (They are correct but…) or refuted (They make good points; however, they missed…). Look to They Say, I Say for aid with this. This paper should not smell a whiff of school; you are one of the experts now.
Your Audience:
Your audience is the group of scholars you have engaged with in your research ? people who are interested in the subjects/topic you have been looking at, and work within those fields. They are your professional colleagues and scholars. Maintain a respectful and academic tone, and blow them away with your well thought out arguments and close-read evidence. Do not write for the teacher.
The Critical Analysis essay should be six to seven pages typed in MLA format with a Works Cited (on a separate page) with approximately 4 credible sources.
· This is not a rehash of your Artifact Analysis or Research Integration?this is a completely new paper, borrowing the others? good ideas/influences.
· Follow New to old transitions for paper organization
· Claim, Evidence, Reasoning structure for paragraphs
· Stabilizing context/Destabilizing moment introductions and conclusions
· Look at your evidence until you are sick of it (watch/read/view over and over to notice the fine
· Read your paper aloud when proofreading (or use Microsoft?s voice tool)
· Start ahead of time (give yourself time away from the paper)

Grading Guide

ANALYSIS & 100 points
ARGUMENT ? explores artifact thoroughly, with attention to specific detail, showing how key elements work together to communicate meaning;
? articulates how meaning is being communicated, by illuminating significant patterns of frequency and contrast, ano
maly, and/or moments of intensity;
? demonstrates how a text communicates meaning by making the implicit claims explicit;
? makes claims that are nuanced, sophisticated, supported with evidence, and connected through clear, compelling reasoning;
? arranges claims so that a central argument emerges and then evolves over the course of the essay;
? situates the artifact and its analysis into a larger cultural conversation effectively and articulately, and shows why attention is to them is warranted.
o Exceeds Objectives

o Goes Beyond Objectives

o Meets Objectives

o Attempts to meet Objectives

o Does not meet objectives


RESEARCH 100 points
INTEGRATION ? includes sources that are timely, credible, and relevant to the issues raised by the artifact and its analysis;
? extends research and deepens analysis, with sources supporting, complicating, challenging and/or contextualizing claims;
? introduces effectively others? voices through summary, proper quotation, and appropriate signal phrases;
? research is situated as part of a larger cultural conversation, which the essay is entering and contributing to.
o Exceeds Objectives

o Goes Beyond Objectives

o Meets Objectives

o Attempts to meet Objectives

o Does not meet objectives


ORGANIZATION STYLE & FORMAT 50 points ? paragraphs cohere and are organized effectively;
? word choice is precise, dynamic, and varied, exhibiting a tone appropriate to academic genres;
? contains very few grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors;
? is formatted correctly according to MLA standards.
? meets the 6?7 page length requirement
o Exceeds Objectives

o Goes Beyond Objectives

o Meets Objectives

o Attempts to meet Objectives

o Does not meet objectives


WRITING CENTER Student must present blue slip confirming visit to the Writing Center at least one during any stage of the Critical Analysis Project. 15 point deduction without confirmation.


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