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The continual rise of young boys of black / African heritage being excluded from secondary school

The lack of evidenced based intervention to prevent the continual rise of young boys of black / African heritage, being excluded from secondary school and the unique response and interventions that youth and community workers can deliver

Main focus – What subject do you want to study? What is the broad area? Are there specific questions within this broad area that you would like to focus on?
The lack of evidenced based intervention to prevent the continual rise of young boys of black / African heritage, being excluded from secondary school and the unique response that youth and community workers can deliver towards this type of intervention and effictively evidence base the outcomes of their intervention.

You can modify the topic to be shorter and to the point
Broad subject area:

The lack of evidenced based intervention to prevent the continual rise of young boys of black / African heritage, being excluded from secondary school

Specific questions which you are interested in:

Where there any indicators at primary school that the individual was at risk of exclusion in the future?

What support does the family and the BME community provide to that young person at the point of fixed term or permanent exclusion?

What policies are guiding the process used pre and post exclusion of this group?

What response is currently being provided by C and Y organisations to tackle this issue?

Main themes of dissertation: what do you consider the main themes of the dissertation are?

The indicators that are currently used and missed at primary school to avoid school exclusion once transition to secondary school is complete

Work that is done within the community to acclimatise young black boys to the challenges that may present themselves in secondary school

Current education and social policy that shapes how the exclusion of BME pupils is executed and managed

The distinctive nature of community and youth work interventions which could lessen school exclusions

What relevant literature have you considered at this point in your research? Please give a minimum of 40 to 50 accurately referenced titles.
Some of the authors i have found already are below
I also want UK School exclusion legislation, family construct theory, youth work theory in relation to young black boys, theory on black boys in the Uk and their identity
Harvard Referencing

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School Report: Race, Education and Inequality in Contemporary Britain.


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