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Professional Development

I have answered a series of questions on my professional development. Please include all in this paper. I have included them in the body of this requirement as well as attaching a Word Version.
Professional Development Plan

Write your plan for professional development: A short narrative on what your career goals are now that you have your BSN. What are your next steps? I plan on getting my certification in Nursing Informatics and then pursue a Leadership role in that career field. What do you need to get there? I have to complete my bachelor’s degree and then study and test for Nursing Informatics Certifications How do you plan on achieving them and what is your timeline? I hope to sit for certification by the end of the year and then a year after look to advance my position in the Nursing Informatics field.

Writer these were the Directions given: Read the sample behavioral interview questions (Below). If you are planning on seeking a new position, you are guaranteed to be asked similar questions. Address how you might respond or what skills you need to address them in your plan for professional development- are you ready to interview??

Behavioral Questions
Describe an instance where you set your sights on a high/demanding goal and saw it through to completion, despite obstacles. When I volunteered to be the go to person for implementation of electronic documentation for the Recovery Room was a goal I had set with my manager. We had member’s unexpectedly drop out of the project at the last minute and that slack had to be picked up even though it was not easy.

Summarize a situation where you took the initiative to get others going on an important issue and played a leading role to achieve the desired results. I took a lead role in getting the Perioperative area’s nursing schedule to be placed electronically to support payroll. I got the various staffing committee’s together and explained how important it was to payroll and allocating the proper FTE for the department based on patient loads.

Describe a problem situation where you had to seek out relevant information define key issues and decide on which step to take to get desired results. The Pre Anesthesia appointment had a very convoluted process. I sat with the nurses and Physician Assistants to understand their process. After evaluating the process we implemented a Tracking Board to assist in the flow of the patient. This helped out tremendously decrease the time the patient waited to be seen.

Give an example of how you worked well with another person to complete a job or meet an important deadline. I was working on implementing a phone screen note for the Pre Anesthesia Department and knew the best option would be to use a feature that I wasn’t entirely up to speed on. I sought out another team member who had help with the roll-out of this feature extensively. With the help of my teammate we were able to come up with a very good process and utilization of the tool. Her input was invaluable to helping me meet my deadline.

Describe a creative or innovative idea that you produced which led to a significant contribution to the success of an activity or project. When we were looking at calling some patient for Phone Interviews with pre-surgical patient the only option we had was mailing this information with no real documentation that we mailed it. By utilizing a feature for inpatient’s and clinic patient we were able to send this information to the Patient Portal which any patient can access once they create an account. This has proven valuable to the patient receiving the information much quicker as well as serve as documentation for the nurse in the patient’s electronic health record.

Provide an example of how you assessed a situation and achieved good results by focusing on the most important priorities. When assessing the patient Phone Visit. Documentation that had been given out for years was examined much more closely. What came of that were many inconsistencies. Furthermore, it was found that no policies for the information were present. Before moving forward on the electronic process policies were put in place that would support it.

Tell me about a time when you had to go above and beyond the call of duty in order to get a job done. We recently opened up a new Surgical Center unfortunately none of the charges from the first three day went to billing correctly so I came in on a Saturday to help. This was not really my issue but a Information Technology issue. My loyalty to my institution required me to help in any way to help alleviate the loss of these charges.

Sometimes it’s easy to get in over your head. Describe a situation where you had to request help or assistance on a project or assignment. When implementing the electronic process for the Perioperative area our teammate who covered the Anesthesia physicians unexpectedly needed to be off. The extra responsibilities were then placed on me. I put in 12 hour days for two weeks and worked in between weeks on the weekend to make improvements. When exhaustion finally set in I had to ask my manager to please have a small respite. I was granted three days off which helped tremendously so that I could come back refreshed and ready to solve issues with not only my assigned department but also my additional department.

Describe a situation where others you were working with on a project disagreed with your ideas. What did you do? When working with other nurses often time you do not agree on everything. Some nurses have different backgrounds. Some are more surgical in nature and some more medical in nature. I believe it is good to hold a quorum with proper representation so that everyone’s needs are met.

Describe some times when you were not very satisfied or pleased with you performance. What did you do? I was very satisfied when I was part of the team that implemented Surgical Documentation. I was especially proud that the area that I was assigned at the last minute: Anesthesia was very happy with my performance. They even stated that they never wanted to go back to paper. That statement made me feel good.

Tell of the most difficult customer service experience that you ever had to handle. Be specific and tell what you did and the outcome. While I was still a bedside nurse I had a patient that was very vulgar. She was swearing at her husband and was attempting to treat me the same way. I asked for patient relations to come up but stood by the bedside calmly explaining her follow-up care. She did stop swearing at me when I did not respond to the attacks and did focus most of her vulgarity toward her husband. Patient relations came up and had a similar experience with her. When all was said and done I assisted her with her discharge like any other patient and wheeled her out and wished her well. I did take a small break after that to relieve some stress that I was hiding.

Give an example of when you had to work with someone who was difficult to get along with. Why was this person difficult? How did you handle the situation? What was the outcome? The most difficult person I had to get along with was a nurse that I was helping implement Hospital wide documentation. She would often put requests in prior to researching the request. I would help implement her documentation request and before we would implement she would change the request. This happened multiple times causing many extra man hours to change. After attempting to ask for sign off from the various departments involved in the request the situation improved. The most important outcome in this is that it set the standard of how we implement any change now.

Writer : please use this as a Reference: Kouzes & Posner. (2012). J-B Leadership Challenge. 5th edition Chapters 8 & 9 You may choose the other references you self but you must use Kouzes and Posner for one.


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