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Learning Activity 4-1
Globalization is the motivating force behind the business environment in the 21st century.
Debate the veracity of the following statement:
Globalization only significantly affects the CEO’s of multinational corporations and high-net-worth individuals.
If your last name begins with A-L you are to argue that the statement is false. If your last name begins with M-Z you are to argue that the statement is true. Reference your reading material. Remember that any debate requires that you try to persuade the reader to your point of view. Here are a few hints for your success:
• Make sure to end your discussion with your best argument.
• Use stronger definitive word choice for your best arguments.
• Open your argument with you second best supporting point.
• Put your weakest point in the middle and choose words which are descriptive to make it more interesting.
• NEVER USE “I think”, “I believe,” “I feel” or personal pronouns of any kind. Unfortunately unless you are an expert your opinions are not very convincing.
• Be creative with your ideas to keep the reader interested in your point of view.
• Do not make this a presentation, report or quotes. USE YOUR OWN WORDS AND SELECT THEM PURPOSEFULLY.
Learning Activity 4-2
A North America division (approximately 400 employees) of an international company is experiencing rapid growth through it success strategies and through a series of acquisitions. The leadership team has doubled and the next level of management has tripled with further increases expected to support overall growth of the company. You have been told that you will be promoted to the next level of management. You want to “stand out” and keep moving up the ladder in your career.
Given this organizational scenario, what advice would “you” give “you” about how globalization affects your job? What skills and characteristics do you need to know to continue your success?

Rubric Name: Participation Rubric ()

Criteria Outstanding Superior Good Substandard
Evidence of critical thinking (analysis, synthesis, evaluation and reflection) of class reading material and discussion 0.93 points

analysis, synthesis, evaluation and reflection is strongly present across all posts; rich in content
full of thought, insight,
and analysis (.93 – .85) 0.84 points

analysis, synthesis, evaluation and reflection is present in most posts – substantial information thought, insight, and analysis has taken place (.79 – .88) 0.74 points

attempts analysis, synthesis, evaluation, and reflection but not strongly evident or only partially evident – generally competent information is thin and commonplace (.69 – .78) 0.65 points

analysis, synthesis, evaluation, and reflection is poorly demonstrated or does not exist; rudimentary and superficial; no analysis or insight is displayed (0 – .68)
Responses to classmates and instructor reflect a substantive understanding of course material 0.93 points

responses to instructor/classmates are complete and meaningful as required; responses are relevant and advance the level and depth of the discussion consistently using course material in the responses (.93 – .85) 0.84 points

responses to instructor/classmates are complete and meaningful as required; responses are relevant and advance the level and depth of the discussion occasionally using the course material in the responses (.79 – .88) 0.74 points

responds to instructor/classmates meet requirements but either a) responses lack some detail to explain answer; b) responses do not add to the conversation; c) student does not use course material; d) student does not respond to as many peers as required or e) lacks consistency in responding to others (.69 – .78) 0.65 points

fails to respond to classmates and/or instructor as required; responses are superficial (I agree statements, restating what other student stated; response that evaluates the quality of a student’s post adding no substantial comment) (0 – .68)
Relevance of participation to topic under discussion 0.93 points

contributions are relevant and demonstrates outstanding understanding of material; uses various course material/resources in responding, and consistently and accurately ties to activity (.93 – .85) 0.84 points

contributions are relevant and mostly demonstrates a good understanding of material; uses some course material/resources in responding and attempts to ties to activity (.79 – .88) 0.74 points

contributions are somewhat relevant and demonstrates some understanding of the material; rarely uses course material/resources in responses and occasionally ties to activity (.69 – .78) 0.65 points

contributions are off topic, distracting; does not use relevant course material/resources in responses (0 – .68)
Writing mechanics and APA usage 0.93 points

consistently uses grammatically correct posts with no misspellings and no APA style errors (.93 – .85) 0.84 points

few grammatical or spelling errors are noted in posts/ attempts in-text citations and reference list but errors are present (.79 – .88) 0.74 points

errors in spelling and grammar evident; attempts in-text citations or reference list but omits the other; paraphrases or uses source material without consistently citing/referencing (.69 – .78) 0.65 points

poor spelling and grammar in most posts; no evidence of proofreading; no attempt at APA (0 – .68)
Overall Score Outstanding
3.38 or more Superior
3 or more Good
2.63 or more Failure
0 or more

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