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characteristics of survey research


Note: It is recommended that you save your response as you complete each question.

Question 1 (2 points)


What are the two main characteristics of survey research?

Question 1 options:

statistical analysis and large random samples
self-report measures and face-to-face interviews
face-to-face interviews and statistical analysis
large random samples and self-report measures

Question 2 (2 points)


In an attempt to get a representative sample, a researcher randomly samples 50 white Americans and 50 black Americans for her survey. Which approach has the researcher used?

Question 2 options:

stratified random sampling
cluster sampling
nonprobability sampling
simple random sampling

Question 3 (2 points)


What is the best way to address the problem of nonresponse bias?

Question 3 options:

ignore the nonresponders when analyzing the data
force everyone to respond
do everything possible to maximize response rates
write unbiased questionnaire items

Question 4 (2 points)


The BRUSO model is a model of which of the following?

Question 4 options:

how people respond to survey questionnaire items
the process of administering a survey
producing good survey questionnaire items
all of the above

Question 5 (2 points)


In Milgram’s famous study, who was the confederate?

Question 5 options:

the person being shocked
the experimenter
the person doing the shocking
all of the above

Question 6 (2 points)


Which of the following occurred in the infamous Tuskegee syphilis study?

Question 6 options:

Research participants were told they had syphilis even though they did not to see how they would react.
Research participants were given experimental treatments for syphilis.
Research participants were denied treatment for their syphilis.
Research participants were injected with syphilis bacteria.

Question 7 (2 points)


The principle of informed consent requires which of the following?

Question 7 options:

Participants read and sign an informed consent form.
Researchers tell participants about their hypotheses before the study begins.
Participants must have a minimum of seven days to think about whether or not they will participate.
Participants are told everything that might be expected to affect their decision to participate.

Question 8 (2 points)


Research on the effectiveness of normal educational activities would generally be categorized as which of the following?

Question 8 options:

Minimal risk
At risk
None of the above

Question 9 (2 points)


During debriefing, researchers should do which of the following?

Question 9 options:

Identify the research question
Reveal any deception that took place
Describe the full research design
All of the above

Question 10 (2 points)


Which of the following is statements is true about survey research?

Question 10 options:

Closed-ended items are easier to analyze than open-ended items.

People can respond to open-ended items more quickly than closed-ended items.

Surveys cannot be used with a true experimental design.

Survey research can be used to investigate how people feel about a certain topic, but are inappropriate to use if you’re interested in behavior.


Essay (10 points)


  1. A researcher hypothesizes that behavior modification therapy can help children eliminate bedwetting. She obtains a sample of children between the ages of 5 and 7 years old who wet the bed at least three times per week for the last month.  She randomly assigns half to experience behavior modification therapy and half to a control group who receive no special instruction. After six months, she measures how many nights per week the children in each group wet the bed. The data below represents the statistical analyses performed on this researcher’s data set.
GROUP                N              M                   SD

Therapy              10           1.60                 1.07

Control               10           5.50                 0.85

t = -9.00                        df = 18            p = .001


  1. A)      What kind of research design was used here?  How do you know? (1 pt)
  2. B)      Is this a true experiment?  How do you know? (1 pt)
  3. C)      Name the independent variable and identify the scale of measurement for the IV. (2 pts)
  4. D)      Note that the description does not include a good operational definition for the IV.  Pretend that you are the experimenter for this study.  How would you operationally define the IV for this study as it is described in the question (don’t change the IV or the levels, just give them an appropriate operational definition)? (1 pt)
  5. E)      Name the dependent variable and identify the scale of measurement for the DV. (2 pts)
  6. F)       Did the IV have a statistically significant effect on the DV?  How do you know? (1 pt)
  7. G)      Write a complete statistical conclusion for these results using proper APA style (just like you did for ID4). (2 pts)
  8. H)      Extra Credit:  Describe a different study you could do to test the same hypothesis.  Your example does not need to be complicated, but there has to be at least one significant difference in your description (e.g., different IV and/or DV, methodology, research design) compared to the study described above, but you must test the same hypothesis.


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