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What are the External and Internal Drivers of the Somali conflict.

Dissertation Research Title:
What are the External and Internal Drivers of the Somali conflict.

The research is dissertation project of about 5000 words. An undergraduate dissertation with very clear standard and plain British English and first class. It must be a critical, in depth analysis of all the events by exploring the economic, political and social sides of this conflict since it’s beginning.

The writer should read as much as possible about the Somali conflict and history prior starting this project dissertation, as the factual of the content will be checked and reviewed. Is very much necessary that the writer to read the John Keen’s book ‘Useful Enemies: When Waging Wars is More Important Than Winning Them’. This book has histories and factual events about why the conflicts of these countries take too long to get solved. The book narrates the contrasting and negative interests of these actors, which maintains these conflicts. It is as well important for the writer to read and use the other references named: Books, Journal articles, Government and reports issued by relevant organizations such as UN, IGAD, and AU. And EU.

Format of the dissertation
As you can see the title of the research, the research will critically present the possible reasons and interests behind every actor that involve in this particular conflict, be it an internal or external actor. As a result of the severity and length of the conflict, Somalia becomes a playground for local groups, regional and international actors and countries with vested political aims and interests.

Throughout the conflict period, the contrasting interest of these actors challenged many efforts and attempts to solve the long lasting Somali conflict. Therefore, this study will focus the contrasting agendas of these actors. And will focus to the root causes of the Somali conflict, the contemporary security development, the involvement of East African countries, and other international Actors by mainly rely on John Keen’s views in his book ‘Useful Enemies: When Waging Wars is More Important Than Winning Them’. And the theoretical approaches such as the concept of Michael E. Brown about the internal conflicts and regional dimensions and New War of theory Mary Kaldor that explain the changing nature and transnational character of wars in today’s era.

The main focus will be the political and military involvement of the Somali’s neighboring countries such as Ethiopia, Kenya, Eritrea and Djibouti, and the other international actors interest in Somali Conflict; USA, IGAD, AU, EU. Egypt and Qatar.
Although the study will be mainly about the External actors, however it should have to cover the most important internal actors in this conflict. The Internal actors this research will focus will be the Federal Government of Somalia, Al-Shabab, Puntland and Somaliland Administrations. The research questions will be:
1. What are the motives and interests of the neighboring countries in the Somali conflict and how they made the country’s political situation worse?
2. What contributions either positive or negative do the other external actors of Somali conflict such as US, EU and the UN to the Somalia situation?
3. Can peaceful, fully functioning Somali government be re-installed considering with all these vested interest of regional and international interference.
That outlines of theses (Informative Statement or theory that fully explains the content, structure, and reason of the project. And also explain problems or issues of the chosen topic. The main themes theories, arguments, and views that have been used while in the process of the research such as the books peace and conflict theories relevant about Somali Conflict. Also include this section of the introduction a small peace about your views and structure you plan to use.

The research should be properly structured and organized and have properly arranged sections of about 5 chapters and their sub-chapters.
As the length of the research is only 5000 words, It is very important to use brief and sharp analyses of the conflict’s background and it’s current situation by using and adopting on methods mentioned in the research’s introduction especially applying mainly of John Keen’s views in his book ‘Useful Enemies: When Waging Wars is More Important Than Winning Them’. You need to apply John’s views about why the conflicts in west Africa countries, Sudan and Vietnam war created opportunities for local and international NGOs and apply similar claims about the benefits the involving actors gain from the continuation of Somali conflict whether it is economical interest of the NGOs or political interests of the other countries, and why those interest made a resolution to difficult.
It is important as well to apply the theoretical approaches such as the concept of Michael E. Brown about the internal conflicts and regional dimensions and New War of theory Mary Kaldor, which deeply explain the changing nature and transnational character of wars in today’s world, and other recommended references.

It is necessary the study to have a very well detailed conclusion by briefly and outlining the important points in the chapters summarizing the chapters in the project but not repeating already discussed points in the chapters. Try to give your views on the subjects using a supporting methods and theories relevant to subject of research especially citing the John Keen’s views in his book ‘Useful Enemies: When Waging Wars is More Important Than Winning Them’.

The conlusion should have a depth assessment of the relative success or failures of the conflict and it’s resolution process in order to taking into account the interests of the actors and the desperate need of the Somali people to have a stable and well functioning government free from interference of these countries.

Other important things

It is important to use appendices if need be.

there should be abbreviation page
Footnotes/Endnotes Footnotes and the Endnotes are a very essential feature to be used in this research project. They should not be too few or too many. The examiners will look and apply their assessment on how adequately you use references compared to footnotes and end endnotes. This will be a major assessment indication so be careful about it’s format.

Uploaded documents and Plagiarism
The reason I applauded the documents is to support you to have more in-depth view and background reading about the research area not to copy and paste them or paraphrase the content. The plagiarism software used in this institution is so advanced that can detect any traces of any sort, so please be very careful to use these reports and in plagiarising way. I am sure these applauded documents will be huge helpful when writing this only 5000 words project. Please and please, keep in mind the traces or content of these applauded documents will be checked strictly in the dissertation, so avoid to copy and past or paraphrase it. Please note that these reports were written few years back and the situation of the country has changed after these reports, dissertation, or articles were written. so please cover the today’s political, security and economic situation of the this country.


There must be a well-presented Harvard style bibliography at the bottom of the dissertation. The sources should be alphabetical order. Sections of resources must be listed separately such as books, Journals articles, Reports, and Websites with the date. The books and the other sources listed at the bottom should be included in the bibliography list. You can add more references if you need to.

Some of the books are:
• Alex J. Bellamy and Paul D. Williams (2010), Understanding Peacekeeping, 2nd edition, Cambridge: Polityless

• Brown, Michael E. 1996. The International Dimensions of Internal Conflict. Center for Science and International Affairs. John F. Canady School of Government, Havard University, Cambridge. Massachusetts

• David, S.R (1997), Internal War: Causes and Cures, Review of; ‘The International Dimension of Internal Conflicts’ by Michael Brown and ‘How Civil Wars End’ by Roy Licklider, Princeton: Cambridge University Press

• Harper, Mary.2012. Getting Somalia Wrong. International African Institute, The Royal African Society and Social Research Council, Cynthia Street. London

• John Keen (2012), Useful Enemies: When Waging Wars is More Important Than Winning Them, New Haven: Yale University Press

• Kaldor, Mary. 2012. New and Old Wars. 3rd edition, Stanford University Press: Stanford, California

• Peter Walker and Daniel Maxwell (2009), Shaping the Humanitarian World, London: Routledge

• Ramsbotham, O, Woodhouse, T, And Mial, H. 2012. Contemporary Conflict Resolution. 3rd edition. Polity Press: Cambridge

Reports, academic articles and journals that will be used are:

• Abbink, Jon. 2006. Ethiopia-Eritrea Proxy Wars and Prospects of Peace in the Horn of Africa. Jouran of Contemporary Afican Studies, Vol. 31. 3

• Bradbury, Mark and Healy, Sally.2009. Endless War: A brief History of the Somali Conflict. Conflict Trends 21. 2009.

• Civins, Braden. 2009. Ethiopia’s Intervention in Somalia. Yonsie Journal of International Studies. Vol. 2. Issue 2. P. 137-154

• Elmi, Afyare Abdi and Barise Abdullahi. 2006. The Somalia Conflict, Root Causes Obstacles and Peace-building Strategies. Institute for Security Studies, Volume 15, pp. 32-54.

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