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Prepare a grant application for a public health program which provide evidence based justification and a clear program plan.

Prepare a grant application for a public health program which provides evidence based
justification and a clear program plan.
• Construct a program logic model for a public health program
• Demonstrate understanding of implementation and evaluation as they apply to public health

Provides a lucid introduction
• Shows a sophisticated understanding of the key issues
• Demonstrates a capacity to explain and apply relevant concepts
• Shows evidence of reading beyond the key reading
• Justifies any conclusions reached with well-formed arguments not merely assertion
• Provides a conclusion or summary
Use of academic writing and presentation and grammar:
• Complies with normal academic standards of legibility, referencing and bibliographical
details (including reference list).
• Is written clearly with accurate spelling, grammar and sentence and paragraph

Your task is to prepare a grant application to submit to a State Government for a 2 year health
promotion program. Your proposed health promotion program focuses on preventing obesity and
chronic disease among young people by either promoting physical activity or healthy eating. Within
these broad guidelines, you have scope to tailor the specific focus of your proposed program.

• Appropriate citation and referencing used (using APA style)
Many health programs are funded for temporary periods of time by grants, which are
awarded competitively, based on applications. Grants can be awarded in diverse areas of
health, healthcare and health promotion, and can be given by the Commonwealth,
State/Territory or Local Governments, as well as Private industry (such as health insurance
companies, philanthropic organisations). Preparing grant applications and applying for
grants is a common task that professionals in a range of health organisations need to
undertake. Writing a grant application is a useful real-world skill which requires you to plan
and describe clearly all aspects of an intended health program. This includes justifying the
need for such a program, and explaining clearly how it would run: the plan and program
logic, timetable and budget.
Your grant application should consist of the following sections:

Aims and Significance (200-300 words)
Provide a short introduction to the aims of the program you are applying for funding. A simple
description is enough, eg. This program aims to increase physical activity in children aged 5-10.
Provide a brief overview of the significance / importance of your program. Include a small number of
references (2-4) here to highlight the evidence which suggests this issue is important.
In this section, you also briefly link your program to the broader policy environment in your State.
This involves, for South Australia: matching your program to one or more of the 7 strategic priorities
,    to link it to a broader policy context. For other states: Please find
similar priorities/strategies/areas of focus for your state
This should only involve a sentence or two.

Background (800-900 words)
In this section, provide a literature review which establishes the evidence for why this program is
important. This should include: Background to the health problem (obesity, chronic disease among
young people and the causes of this). It should also include a review of similar programs to the one
you are proposing and evidence for their effectiveness. Provide at least 7-10 references in this
section. Conclude with a statement that reinforces why your program is necessary and important.

Program plan and Program logic (800-900 words)
In this section, you should provide details about program implementation and evaluation. Provide a
program logic diagram which clearly identifies the sequence of actions of your program. This
diagram should identify the program assumptions, inputs, outputs, and expected outcomes. You will
be provided with example program logic diagrams in the subject which you can use as a guide.
Accompanying this diagram should be a brief written description of the plan for the program stages
and activities. So both your program logic diagram and your written description should describe how
the program will be conducted, who will run the program, who is the target population, how will the
program be governed/managed and how will it be evaluated.

Timetable (100-200 words)
In this section, provide a chronogram or gantt chart to detail the timetable of activities in the
program over the 2 year period. See McDowell (2006) for more information on constructing this.
Budget (300 words)
In this section, provide information about your budget for the program. You can include details in a
table like the one below, which you can adapt to suit the purposes of your program. You do not need
all the categories listed below. You can adapt the table to include a row/column to provide brief details about certain items if needed. The actual figures are not important for the purposes of this
assignment, but your budget categories must be clear and all your figures must add up.

Include a reference list. All in-text references and the reference list must be formatted according to
APA stye.


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