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Action Plan based on wellness


This action plan should be structured in a SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely) manner. It should use the first person for this section. Please reference this action plan, as this will make it more critical and increase overall mark. What I wrote in blue gives you an idea of the person I am and things I tend to that might cause stress. This action plan is only 550 words long and it needs lots of key points and all points need to be condensed, it needs to be academically written. The assignment component is intended to be as constructively critical as it is reflective and needs to demonstrate self-awareness and professional development. You must focus on acute working age mental health care; outline the demands of working in an acute ward. Briefly explain what an action plan is, it’s important, barriers to following it. There is a template written in red, can you please answer those questions in paragraphs and give a brief rational based on evidence based for some of the coping mechanisms I suggested, the impact of stress on the worker and the patient and organisation.
Action Plan
An action plan is a detailed document that outlines actions that needs to be taken in order to achieve a specific goal (reference). The purpose of an action plan is to motivate (Grant, 2012) and allow an individual/s to monitor their progress and clarify what resources are needed to achieve a specific goal and set a timeline for when a task needs to be completed reff. According to Werle (2010), in order for a goal to be powerful, it should be designed to be SMART. This action plan is adopted from Mary Ellen Copeland’s Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) refff… WRAP is certified as ‘evidence based (Abuse, S., 2010) and it’s used globally by employees to actively support their own mental and physical health by reflecting on the triggers of stress and poor mental health, and by taking ownership of practical steps to help address these triggers (Mind and the CIPD, 2010).
I have been offered a job in Acute ward, the demands of working in an acute ward are hight because you will be dealing with complex cases and high patients turnover rates.
Moving into a new job can be challenging, overwhelming, and hectic reff. Between mastering new skills, serving the new learning curve and building new relationships with new colleagues leaves me feeling stressed, anxious and tired because I unconsciously put far too much pressure on myself to perform from day one. According to Freudenberger (1974) these feelings can lead to occupational burnout. Nurses are among professions with high levels of burnout (Jackson, 1986). In order to alleviate some of that stress, I’m going to put together a first three months plan that will help me avoid absorbing all the details of a new occupation and the temptation to impress my colleagues.
Between finishing University in early July 2016 and starting a new job, I’m going to take at least 2 months off to allow myself to mentally prepare for all the new challenges to come in the new chapter. There is going to be a learning curve and I want some time to relax, refocus and de-stress from academically demanding final year. In addition, before I start my new job, I will do a further reading on the organisation and notes I took during the interview.

I will seek peer supervision from people I trust and people who I know well and who can always tell me the truth because there is no point in asking for supervision from someone who does not know me because they don’t know how I react when I’m stressed they won’t be able to identify the symptoms of when I’m getting stressed.
In the workplace, during those first few early days, I will make notes and seek information about the organization, co-workers names and job roles that I won’t be able to find in documentation later on; and tips of wisdom from new colleagues that I will reinforced once I start my job responsibilities. I will get set up on the computer, families myself with the trust policies, important websites, and gather all materials and tools I will need to carry out my job.

While transitioning into my new job I will use self-help techniques that I find helpful in preventing stress from accumulating. For example maintaining interactions I have every day with family, trusted friends and neighbours. I will seek peer supervision from colleagues who knows me really well and who are confident to communicate their observations to me. because there is no point in asking for supervision from someone who does not know me because they don’t know how I react when I’m stressed they won’t be able to identify the symptoms of when I’m getting stressed.
Be active Doing regular physical activity can be very effective in lifting your mood and increasing my energy levels, and it is also likely to improve my appetite and sleep. Physical activity stimulates chemicals in the brain called endorphins, which can help me to feel better. Although I may not feel like it to start with, try to do 20 minutes of physical activity a day. It does not have to be very strenuous or sporty to be effective. Walking at a reasonable speed and taking notice of what is around you is a good start

By planning in advance, organisations can ensure that everyone receives the support they need when they need it. Managers should work together with employees to develop a personal action plan to proactively manage their mental health. This allows people to plan in advance and develop tailored support for a time when they’re not coping so well. It also facilitates open dialogue with managers – leading to practical, agreed steps which can form the basis for regular monitoring and review.

Wellness Action Plan (WAP) template
1. What helps you stay mentally healthy at work? (For example: taking a lunch break, keeping a to do list)
2. What can your manager do to support you to stay mentally healthy at work? (For example: regular feedback and supervision, explaining wider developments in organisation)
3. Are there any situations at work that can trigger poor mental health for you? (For example: conflict at work, organisational change, something not going to plan)
4. How might stress /poor mental health difficulties impact on your work? (For example: find it difficult to make decisions, hard to prioritise work tasks)
5. Are there any early warning signs that we might notice when you are starting to feel stressed/ mentally unwell? (For example: changes in normal working patterns, withdrawing from colleagues)
6. What support could be put in place to minimise triggers or to support you to manage symptoms? (For example: extra catch-up time with line manager)
7. If we notice early warning signs that you are feeling stressed or unwell – what should we do? (For example: talk to me discreetly about it, contact someone that I have asked to be contacted). Please include contact names and numbers if you would like your line manager to get in touch with someone if you become unwell.
8. What steps can you take if you start to feel unwell at work? (For example: take a break from your desk and go for a short walk, ask your line manager for support)

Reference list:

Grant, Anthony M (2012). “An integrated model of goal-focused coaching: an evidence-based framework for teaching and practice” (PDF). International Coaching Psychology Review 7 (2): 146–165 (149).

Abuse, S., 2010. Mental Health Services Administration, 2011 Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. Results from the.

Werle Lee, K.P., 2010. Planning for success: setting SMART goals for study. British Journal of Midwifery, 18(11).
Mind and the CIPD (2010) Managing and supporting mental health at work, available from:, [Accessed on 10 March 2016]
Jackson, S.; Schwab, R.; Schuler, R. (1986). “Toward an understanding of the burnout phenomenon”. Journal of Applied Psychology 71 (4): 630–640.

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