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essay question: Discuss the relationship between identity and the experience of the city in Goodbye to Berlin by Christopher Isherwood and The Lonely Londoner by A.Sam Selvon. Guidence: talk about how homosexuality is represented in goodbye to Berlin and what links Peter and Bernhard? how does isherwood position the narrator in terms of sexuality? talk about what kind of characteristics does isherwood describe to berlin, and why you think he presents the city in this way? what kind of opportunities does berlin offer to the narrator. and talk about the Lonely Londoner: What are the various ‘constructions’ or depictions of London ‘constructed’ in the text (for example do the characters feel at ‘home’, is Britain still considered the ‘motherland’)? Consider the significance of London as the ‘heart’ of the British Empire, at time when most of the Caribbean and Africa are still under colonial rule. The argument has been made that novels like Selvon’s might function to help migrants by reflecting back to them an image of their own experience, perhaps moulding its audience into a community like those arguably created by oral storytelling. Do you think cultural texts work like this? If it does, what versions of ‘identity’ might the novel create or reinforce? Think especially about its representation of West Indian masculinity… the reference style i need is MHRA How to Cite Books [elements in square brackets only apply to some cases]
• author or editors of the book introduced by first name surname (unless contained in title, see the entry on Nashe below)
• title of the book
• [editor, translator of a collection or edition]
• [details of the book’s place within a series, if it’s part of one]
• [details of edition if not the first]
• [number of volumes, if part of a multi-volume work]
• details of publication (place: publisher, date)
• [details of the volume number, if part of a multi-volume work]
• page or pages material comes from

Some examples:
Ian Kershaw, The Nazi Dictatorship: Problems and Perspectives of Interpretation (London: Edward Arnold, 1989), p.59.How to Cite Book Chapters
• author or authors of the chapter
• title of the chapter
• title of the book
• editor or editors of the whole book
• details of publication (place: publisher, date)
• pages on which the chapter appears
• page or pages material comes from

Kevin Verdery, ‘Fuzzy Property: Rights, Power and Identity in Transylvania’s Decollectivization’, in Transforming Post-Communist Political Economies, ed. by J.M. Nelson (Washington: National Academy Press, 1998), pp. 144-189 (p. 150).

Ivan P. Alot, ‘J.L.Doctorow’s Waterworks’, in Classic and Cavalier: Plumbing in Fiction, ed. by Cant P. Straight and Ted M. Bundy (Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press, 1984), pp. 32-45 (p.41).
How to Cite Journal Articles
• author or authors of the article
• title of the article
• title of the journal
• volume number
• date of publication
• issue number
• pages on which the article appears
• page or pages material comes from

J.S. Buyer, ‘Rapid Sample Processing and Fast Gas Chromatography for Identification of Bacteria by Fatty Acid Analysis’, Journal of Microbiological Methods, 51 (2002), 209-215 (p. 210).How to Cite Newspaper or Magazine Articles
• author or authors of the article
• title of the article
• title of the publication
• date of publication (day, month, year)
• [section of the publication]
• pages on which the article appears

Michael Schmidt, ‘Tragedy of Three Star-Crossed Lovers’, Daily Telegraph, 1 February 1990, p. 14.

Jonathan Friedland, ‘Across the Divide’, Guardian, 24 January 2005, section G2, pp.10-11.

Initial ‘The’ or ‘A’ is normally omitted when citing English-language newspapers and magazines, with the exception of The Times. The date of issue (with the month always in English) should be given between commas not parantheses, and the page number(s) should be preceded by p. or pp.

How to Cite Electronic Material
• author or authors of item
• title of item
• [title of complete work/resource]
• [publication details, if available (volume, issue, date for online journal articles; otherwise just date if available)]
• full address (URL) of resource <in angle brackets>
• Date consulted [in square brackets]
• [Location of passage cited (in parentheses)]

An example of an online article:
Steve Sohmer, ‘The Lunar Calendar of Shakespeare’s King Lear’, Early Modern Literary Studies, 5.2 (1999) <> [accessed 28 January 2000] (para. 3 of 17). ABOVE ARE SOME EXAMPLES OF THE MHRA STYLE OF REFERENCING


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