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Astron 001 Homework Unit 1

Astron 001 Homework Unit 1


  1. What is the role of the study of astronomy (You may need your text for this one.)?
  2. Once a scientist comes up with a hypothesis, it automatically becomes a law, and never changes.  True or False?
  3. When you look at Proxima Centauri (our next nearest Star at a distance of 4 LY away from us), in the night sky, you are seeing it:  How it looks now, How it will look 4 years in the future, How it appeared 4 years in the past
  4. The Celestial Sphere is a real dome that surrounds the Earth. True or False?
  5. Briefly describe a major ASTRONOMICAL contribution made by each of the following people:


  1. Eratosthenes –


  1. Hipparchus –


  1. Ptolemy –


  1. Copernicus –


  1. Galileo –
  2. Briefly list and describe Kepler’s three laws of planetary motion.
  1. For what three major purposes did ancient astronomers use the sky?
  1. What is our universal address (from Earth to Universe)?
  2. Earth, Solar System, Milky Way Galaxy, Local Group, Universe
  3. Earth, Milky Way Galaxy, Solar System, Local Group, Supercluster, Universe
  4. Earth, Solar System, Milky Way Galaxy, Local Group, Supercluster, Universe   


Short Answer /Essay Questions:

[The answer must include all relevant information, yet not include a lot of non-relevant information for full credit. Even though you will be referencing various resources, you need to compose your answer primarily in your own words. A completely (or heavily) copied response will also result in a deduction of points. A good rule of thumb would be to attempt to explain the question to a peer who has not taken your astronomy class.]


Answer in AT LEAST 5-7 complete sentences for full credit.


  1. What are the differences between the geocentric and heliocentric models of the solar system? Include the definition of each and their differences for full credit
  2. List the four main astronomical periods, and describe something important for astronomy that came out of each.
  3. Who were the astronomers who contributed to the demolition of the geocentric theory? What were their arguments against the geocentric theory?

Define the following terms:

  • Solar system –
  • Galaxy –
  • cluster (of galaxies) –
  • supercluster –
  • universe –
  • astronomy –
  • astrology –
  • constellation (modern and ancient definition) –
  • Light Year (LY) –

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