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(Answered) Astron 001 Unit 1 Video Quiz

Astron 001 Unit 1 Video Quiz Question 1 Astrology provided a foundation for more serious astronomical studies. True False Question 2 Today we recognize ___________ constellations. […]

(Answered) NR 443 Week 8 Social Media Discussion: Past, Present, and Future (Graded)

Discussion Question There are many factors that will continue to impact community and population health. Consider the past achievements in public health as many have implications […]

(Answered) NR 443 Week 7 Discussion: Communities and Disaster Preparedness

Discussion Question Think about disasters your community has or could potentially face. Now, think about how your community is helping its members prepare. Explore your community […]

(Answered) NR 443 Week 5 Social Media Discussion: Healthcare Policies and Population Health (Graded)

Discussion Question Healthcare policies impact all populations. Now, with the use of social media, policies involvement and awareness are rising. Take a moment to review the […]

(Answered) NR 443 Week 3 Social Media Discussion: Population Health Problems

Discussion Question Problems that impact populations are vast and now more than ever social media is getting involved. Choose one of the following population health problems […]

(Answered) NR 443 Week 2 Check-In: Direct Care Project Part 1: Assessment and Diagnosis (Graded)

Question 1 I have carefully reviewed the instructions, templates, and rubrics for each of the four parts of the Direct Care Project.  Question 2 Which of the following […]

(Answered) NR 443 Week 1 Discussion: Social Factors (Graded)

Discussion Question There are many factors that make people healthy or ill.  This week we will focus on the social factors and determinants that impact health. […]

(Answered) NR 447 Week 8 Discussion: Retention and Recruitment (Graded)

Discussion According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (as cited in American Association of Colleges of Nursing, 2019), over 200,000 new RNs will be needed […]

(Answered) NR 447 Week 7 Discussion: Technology in Healthcare (Graded)

Discussion Step 1: Read the following case study: In a local home healthcare agency, nurses are using their personal cell phones to email and text physicians, the […]

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