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V8 Supercar racing in Australia


V8 Supercar racing in Australia is operated as an international series under FédérationInternationale de l’Automobile (FIA) regulations. V8 Supercar racing events are in all Australian states and territories, but excluding the Australian Capital Territory. It is also held in China, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates New Zealand, and United States. Race formats changes between difference events, each event match is between the length of 100 and 200 km sprint race, between 125 and 250 km street race, and two drivers’ race. The race is broadcasted in 137 countries.


The rules for the ATCC cars were firstly introduced in the 1990s. It is indicated that the V8 cars will be much faster than smaller engines (V8 Supercars, 2015a). There are three levels of the cars. The first level of cars is Class A cars, which are Australian-produced 5.0-litre V8-engined Fords and Holden. The second level of car is the Class B cars. They are 2.0-litre cars complying with FIA Class II Touring Carregulations (V8 Supercars, 2015a). The third level of car is Class C cars. They are normally aspirated two-wheel drive cars complying with 1992 CAMS Group 3A Touring Car regulations. With more than 10 years evolution in technology in cars, the new rules say that turbocharged cars can also be used as part of the race. The purpose of race classification and point allocation, cars competed in two classes. The first class is over 2000cc, and the second class is under 2000cc (V8 Supercars, 2015a).

Types of Events

There are three types of events held in V8 Supercars, each with its own race format. They Super Sprint events, Super Street events and Endurance Cup events. The Super Sprint event is used at the Tasmania Super Sprint, Winton Super Sprint, Perth Super Sprint, Skycity Triple Crown, Ipswich Super Sprint, Sydney Motorsport Park Super Sprint, Auckland 500 and Phillip Island Super Sprint. The event includes two one-hour practice sessions, two fifteen-minute practice session and two ten-minute qualifying sessions. On the race day, a single twenty-minute session is held. Then on Saturday and Sunday race, teams are required to use different types on different race day. The second Super Street format is used at the Clipsal 500 Adelaide, Townsville 400 and Sydney 500. The event is slightly different from the Super Sprint event. It includes three 30 minute practice sessions, followed by a 20 minute practice session on Saturday. The qualifying consists of two 10 minute session. Last, three endurance events are held in Sandown 500, the Bathurst 1000 and the Gold Coast 600. The event is totally different from Super Sprint and Super Street because there are two drivers in the race. A prize awarded to the driver or drivers who score more points across three games. The two drivers’ race requires great teamwork and corporation. Unlike single driver race, one driver is often playing the role of assistant. To calculate the winners of the game. Points are awarded at all championship events. Various different point scales are used to events. Points are awarded to all cars that have finished 75 percent of the game. At the endurance events, both drivers earn the total points awarded to the finishing positions of the car.

The other very attractive feature of this race is the Miss V8 Supercar. This nation-wide model search is regarded as Australia’s Hottest Sports Model Search. The Miss V8 Supercar provides a perfect platform for female to engage in this type of sports. The Miss V8 Supercar brings the sparkle and glamor to Australia’s most treasured motorsport.

Car Requirements

The vehicles used in the series are loosely based on road-going, four-door saloon cars (V8 Supercars, 2015). However, cars are allowed to make changes. Many cars are custom made using a control chassis. The control panel is utilized with different control components, each component has its unique function. Although there is no strict requirements on the appearance, all cars must use a 5.0 liter, naturally aspirated V8-Engine (V8 Supercars, 2015). The V8 engine was originally only for Ford Falcons and Holden Commodores. Two every popular cars in Australia. With the popularisation of the race, more cars and manufactures are allowed to join the race. For example, Nissan Altimas and Mercedes-Benz E63 and Volvo S60 are also part of the racing cars now (V8 Supercars, 2015).

Environmental Concerns

However, the negative environmental impacts that V8 Supercar racing has on the environment is also huge (Enright & Samuel, 2008). There is concern about the carbon emissions and other harmful gases released by large engines. Although the V8 Supercar racing organisation is claiming that they are trying to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide and increase the number of trees they grow, it is likely that V8 Supercar Race is more related to environmental harms (Enright & Samuel, 2008).

Safety Concerns

The second concern for V8 Supercar Race is that the V8 Supercar Race is sending the wrong signals for road safety. Similar to other racing competition (Tranter&Keeffe, 2001), V8 Supercar Race is criticised for encouraging unsafe driving behaviours and dangerous reduction approach to road safety. According to the study by Tranter and Keeffe (2001), the speeding offences increased during the V8 Supercar Events. Aggressive driving is another behaviour that is encouraged in car racing driver (Tranter&Keeffe, 2001).

Economic Benefits

Despite the criticism, V8 Supercar Race also has its positive impacts on the society (Industry and Investment NSW). First of all, the V8 Supercar Race is stimulating the economy. According to the report by Northern Territory Government, the Skycity Triple Crown V8 Supercars events is estimated to have brought 16 million Australian dollars of new expenditure to Darwin (Industry and Investment NSW). Similar findings are also identified in Sydney and other cities that hold V8 Supercars event. The host of V8 Supercars events also create jobs and other economic incentives such as consumption of food and hospitality industry.


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