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portfolio case study

Section 2: Case study – observational case study composed by you based on a people management issues as suggested in section 3*
Case study*: this should present a workplace issue that you have observed during placement, and be based on a theme covered in the module such as those listed below:
(600 words) (25 marks)Section 3: A critical appraisal of the work-place issue.
(1,300 words) (45 marks)
*The case study will need to be agreed and signed off by your work placement line manager.

Suggested topics for case study :

♣ The organisational structure/culture and its impact on employee behaviour.
♣ Leadership style / management style and its impact on employee/s.
♣ Power and authority –use of /examples of implementation in both positive and negative scenarios.
♣ Effective communication and its impact on employee behaviour –focus on a particular aspect of communication and its effectiveness.
♣ Employee motivation & morale.
♣ Rewards and incentives-relevant to the 21st century professional food environment?
♣ Groups & teams – factors influencing group dynamics in the work environment.
♣ Team building and leading strategies
♣ Building effective teams and groups
♣ The ethical business and its impact on employee behaviour and performance.
♣ Work relationships and conflict management & resolution
♣ Diversity in the workplace – take one aspect eg ageism
♣ Cultural diversity and its impact on working relations and effectiveness

Please discuss a suitable topic choice with your tutor

Section 4: reflection on your work placement and the people issue you have discussed in the case study with proposed recommendations
(500 words) (20 marks)
You should provide recommendations that are practical, cost-effective and based on your understanding of current research and good practice pertaining to the topic area highlighted in the case study.

Assessment task 2: the work placement portfolio
(L.O. 1, 2 & 3)

Structure of work placement portfolio:
• Front Sheet ( you might copy and paste from the front page of the module study guide –remove the words module study guide)
You must add your student number and the word count and the title of your report.
• A Summary

• Contents page

• Introduction: Personal and employment details-see section 1
(600 words)
• Case study- see section 2 ( 600 words)

• Critical appraisal of work place issue observed-section 3

(1,300 words)

This should be laid out in the following format

Main issue to be investigated and discussed –possibly a case study is provided in the appendices.
Key theories, frameworks and models related to the issue under discussion

• Reflection –section 4 (500 words ) on how the workplace issues relate to existing theory including a conclusion and recommendations to the case study on how the issue might be improved or dealt with.

• Reference list – sourcing your research and reading –minimum 6 references of which 3 are from texts /e-books refer to the Harvard guidance book

Format of the report
♣ It should be 3,000 words in length (+ /- 10% variance). (This does not include the reference list). Please include a word count on the front sheet.
♣ You must supply a minimum of 6 references in the reference list – 3 of which must be from texts /e-books.
♣ All reports should be word processed, using Arial font size 12 and line spacing 1.5.Include page numbers.
♣ You must use the university referencing system Harvard
♣ You must submit to “turnitin” via Blackboard.

Assessment criteria

Section 1:
Personal and Employment details including a CV in the appendices
Appropriateness of the writing style and use of English grammar and language will be noted. (10marks)
Section 2:
Observational case study based on key people management issue (25 marks)

Section 3
Critical appraisal of the workplace issue
Evidence of clear understanding of topic and the surrounding issues and their application to the workplace environment
Also able to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of a range of relevant theories/ models/frameworks and an ability to discuss these in the context of the organisation. (45 marks)

Section 4
Reflection –on how the workplace issues relate to existing theory including a conclusion and recommendations to the case study on how the issue might be improved or dealt with.
Ability to reflect and propose recommendations for change or improvements.
(20 marks)

Ball, S. Jones, P. (2002) Hospitality Operations: A Systems Approach. Continuum, London

CESA (2008) Introduction to Food Service

Cousins, J. Pennington, A. & Foskett, D. (2011) Food & Beverage Management. 3rd ed Goodfellow Publishers

Foskett, D and Paskins, P (2011) The Theory of Hospitality and Catering. 12th ed. Hodder Arnold, (Available as an e-book)

Katsigris, C. Thomas, C. (2013) Design and Equipment for Restaurants and Foodservice: A Management View, 3rd Edition
Willey & Sons

Lillicrap, D. Cousins, J. (2010) Food & Beverage Service 8th ed Hodder Arnold (Available as an e-book)

Rohatsch, M. Lemme, F. Neumann, P. Wagener, F. (2007) Professional Kitchens – Planning, Design, Equipment. 4th edition
HUSS-Medien GmbH. Berlin, Germany

Sprenger, R. (2008) Hygiene for Management.13th ed. Highfield


part 2
Essential Texts

Mullins.L.J & Dossor.P (2013) Hospitality Management and organisation Behaviour. 5thed .Malaysia.Pearson (Available as an e-book)

Maughan. M (2014) Organisational Behaviour (Business Briefings).China.Palgrave MacMillan.
(easy guide to 50% of the module)

Specialist subject area-leadership (outside USA & Canada edition)

Yukl, G. (2013) Leadership in Organizations. 8th edPearson.USA (Available as an e-book)

Background reading and reference
Armstrong M & Stephens T. (2013) Handbook of Human Resource Management Practice.13th ed . 3rd ed.United Kingdom. Kogan Page (Available as an e-book)

Beardswell J & Claydon T (2010) Human Resource Management : a contemporary approach 6th ed.Spain. Pearson Education Ltd (Available as an e-book)

Crane. A & Matten.D (2010) Business Ethics 7th ed. Great Britain. Oxford University Press. (Available as an e-book)

Foot M & Hook C (2011) Introducing Human Resource Management, 6th ed, Spain. Prentice Education Ltd. (Available as an e-book)

Gilmore.S & Williams.S. (2013) Human Resource Management.2nd ed .Italy. Oxford University Press.

Guirdham, M.(2011). Communicating Across Cultures at work.
China. Palgrave MacMillan

Guirdham, M. (2002) Interactive Behaviour at Work 3rd ed. Malaysia.Pearson Education.

Marchington M & Wilkinson A (2012) Human resource management at work: People Management & Development 5th ed .CIPD

Torrington,D. Hall, L & Taylor, S. (2008) .Human Resource Management.7th ed. Spain. Pearson Education Ltd (Available as an e-book)

Tyson, S & York, A. (2006). Essentials of human resource management. 5th ed. Great Britain . Butterworth-Heinemann. (Available as an e-book)

Yukl .G. (2012) Leadership in Organizations. 8th ed. New Jersey. Pearson /Prentice Hall (Available as an e-book)


Online resources:

People Management [CIPD]

Human Resource guide-lists journal articles related to HR.
You are recommended to refer to relevant journals, magazines and related publications as appropriate:

Croner’s Reference Book for employers
Caterer and Hotelkeepe


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