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Health for communities

Enquiry Based Learning (EBL) scenario presentation.
Based on an individual taken from the online community with a range of physical and/or mental health needs across the lifespan, you will work in a group of four students and will each present an aspect of the EBL work. The overall presentation will need to include relevant public health statistics relating to that community and relevant national and local policies and strategies. You will discuss the strategy for meeting health care needs relating to this scenario..
1. Relevant public health statistics relating to Debbie’s community (buckinghamshire)
2. Relevant national and local policies and strategies
3. Discuss strategy for meeting health care needs relating to Debbie
4. Recognise public health challenges (e.g. cost to taxpayer – people abusing drugs etc.)

Learning Outcomes

This assessment meets the following learning outcomes:

Learning Outcomes:
On completion of this unit you should be able to:
Assessment Criteria:
To achieve the learning outcome you must demonstrate the ability to:

1. Examine how diversity, equality and access influence the public health needs of a community and community health provision for people across the lifespan
• Identify and examine how socio-political, educational and cultural factors influence people’s health and wellbeing across the lifespan.
• Recognise public health challenges.
• Analyse how diversity, spiritual beliefs and language challenges may contribute to vulnerability and exclusion.
• Examine how people are aware of, gain access to and evaluate health services.
2. Evaluate social, health and behavioural sciences theory in relation to the public health of individuals and communities.
• Analyse social, health and behavioural sciences theory in relation to public health initiatives and strategies to support and empower people.
• Discuss the role of service users and carers as partners and evaluate the impact of informal caring on service provision.
• Consider how health needs affect people’s identity and self-worth.
4. Appraise and apply evidence to support best practice in public health
• Conduct a literature search on a public health issue, using appropriate databases and search terms.
• Use established frameworks to interpret relevant statistical, theoretical and research evidence.
• Organise and communicate information accurately, logically and correctly.

Marking Criteria for this Assessment

Markers will take the following criteria into account when allocating marks:

Focus on the stated purpose and objectives;
Issue handling;
Use and quality of teaching aids;
Planning of teaching/learning opportunities and
Use and quality of referencing.

• include a title slide which contains your group name and group members, the unit code/title and the title of the assessment?
• have clear aims and objectives?
• have a main body which considers the main issues?
• have a conclusion which summarises the key points?
• include activities to involve the audience?
• allow time for questions from the audience?
• keep to the time allocated?

Audio-Visual Aids

The use of visual aids can help you to remain focused on your subject matter.

Any visual aids used should:
• Reinforce your verbal message
• Stimulate the interest of your audience.

Tips for using Power-Point

• Do use a font style and size which is easy for participants to read from the back of a room eg Arial 28

• Do keep the information simple so it is easy to understand.
• Do refer to the information on the slides during the presentation.

Expected Standards in Assignments

University study is intended to increase your ability to have independent and critical thought. The rules and conventions of academic writing are designed to achieve this. use article in a prestigious academic journal.

• Each piece of coursework you produce at University should always be in your own work.
• The work should make use of your own ideas, results and experiences, and your understanding of the ideas of others.
• Your work must be original for each assignment. Work that has already been assessed in a previous unit cannot be re-submitted for assessment within a later unit. However, it may be appropriate to use an extract from previously produced work accompanied by reflective comments or commentary and referenced appropriately to illustrate development of knowledge, skills and attitudes since the extract was first written.
• Where assignments are based on authorised group work or project work, the material you submit for assessment must be your own work. Where it is appropriate to report on any collaborative work undertaken you must present your own interpretation of that work.
• You must always reference the source of copied or paraphrased material, whether from a book, journal, newspaper, or the Internet, and provide full details of the source in a reference list. This is to inform the reader about where it can be found, and to give credit to the author(s). Guidelines on how to reference are produced by Learning Resources and can be access via the University’s intranet.
• On occasion it may be appropriate to use a direct quotation from a published source of material. In such cases this must be indicated using quotation marks and referenced accordingly. However, markers will not expect your work to rely heavily on direct quotations. They need to assess your understanding of what you have read and your ability for independent thought so you should use your own words as much as possible.

• Critical thinking and analysis
• Avoiding plagiarism
• Time management and prioritising
• Reading
• Researching and evaluating information

this is a brief discussion about our patient Debbie and her community is Buckinghamshire

Debbie is an unemployed young woman who already has a disturbed history of heavy alcohol (white cider, special brew lager) and sporadic drug use. She dropped out of school at 16 with no qualifications and has failed to hold down any job permanently. She has drifted in and out of various sometimes abusive relationships with men and is well known to the local community police officer and A&E department where she has attended with several episodes of self harm involving cutting and overdoses. She has convictions for shoplifting, drunk and disorderly behaviour and has been cautioned over possession of cannabis. Her mother lives nearby and has a lengthy history of chronic alcohol abuse. Her father died 16 years ago and had several convictions for violent behaviour and had spent time in prison. The family were known to the local social services department and for a period Debbie was on the child protection register. She has no brothers or sisters.

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