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Emotion and Interpersonal Communication?

How Does Emotion Affect Interpersonal Communication?


Read the written scenario below. Answer the questions that follow.

Follow these guidelines in preparing your document:
• For this activity, you are answering the questions, not writing a traditional paper.
• Write your answers after each question.
• Your answers should be composed in complete sentences and paragraphs, and the
entire document should be a total of 400 to 600 words, or about 2 pages.
• Use one-inch margins on all sides of the document.
• Use a 12-point font such as Times New Roman or Arial.
• If you cite references (such as the text), you need to provide the source information
in APA style.
Your document should demonstrate careful proofreading.

Until a year ago, Bryce worked on a truck assembly line for a U.S. automaker. His wife,
Megan, has tried to be supportive, but with two kids to raise, it has been a struggle.
Bryce’s friend and former co-worker, Todd, lives elsewhere now, but he is back in town
for a few days and has called Bryce to find out how he is doing.

Todd: Hey, buddy! Haven’t heard from you in ages. Where’ve you been hiding?

Bryce: Where else? I don’t get out much these days.

Todd: I would’ve thought you’d be hitting the pavement looking for work.

Bryce: Yeah, well, six months ago, you’d have been right.

Todd: You stopped looking that long ago?

Bryce: After a year of applying, interviewing, jumping through all the hoops, I finally
realized nothing I did mattered. I just couldn’t take another rejection. The bottom line is,
no one wants me.

Todd: Geez, that doesn’t sound good. How are you feeling now?

Bryce: I guess I’m not feeling much of anything.

Todd: How are Megan and the kids?

Bryce: I don’t know. I think they might leave me. We’ve run through our savings. We’re
behind on the mortgage. I’m going to lose everything. I feel bad, but I can’t do anything
about it.

Todd: I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to… If you don’t want to talk about it …

Bryce: No. It’s okay. I’ve just felt too hopeless to talk to anyone.

Todd: Well, to be honest, I was in a similar place 6 months ago; definitely not an easy
place to be.

Bryce: Really? What did you do? I mean, I know you moved away.

Todd: Tell you what, if you want to hear my sob story, I’m free tomorrow. Let’s get together
and chew the fat, like old times.

Questions for response
1. Identify three quotes from the dialogue that show how Bryce progressed in ethically
identifying his emotions.

2. Identify and explain, using concepts from the text, at least one example of an
obstacle to communicating emotions in the situation.

3. Identify and explain at least two examples of irrational beliefs that Bryce holds.

4. Explain, using concepts from the text, how Bryce could use surface acting and deep
acting to better align his emotions and behavior with the needs of his job search.

5. Based on the textbook’s guidelines for communicating emotions effectively (p.182–
187), identify and explain at least three ethical strategies Bryce could use to improve his
interpersonal communication in this situation.


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