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Explain organizations’ needs for communication and collaboration.

This chapter focuses on the social media, and how social media can enhance organizational communication and collaboration. Social media introduces unprecedented ways to connect to friends, share knowledge with your colleagues, or collaborate with a team globally. With social media providing a new set of capabilities for individuals and businesses, an understanding of how they can be applied is presented. This includes the future Web 3.0 and potential new applications. Being able to understand and apply these emerging capabilities and strategies that are associated with social media is a highly prized skill.
We must think critically about the value of these tools to corporations all over the globe. Being able to understand and apply these emerging capabilities and strategies that are associated with Web 2.0 is a highly marketable skill and is invaluable to the CRM strategy of the organization.
I often hear from students that they do not use social media and do not want to have a Twitter or other SM account because they are not interested in telling the world what they ate for dinner or went on vacation. I hope that after this lesson you will understand the value of social media to the corporate world and even to you as an individual. It is about how you use it to promote your brand. You will compete with others for jobs…what makes you stand out above those others? Think about the value of these tools to you as well.
Whether we like it or not, Social Media is a significant component of Ebusiness and Ecommerce. It must be embraced by the organization and the individual.
Learning Outcomes/Goals:
1. Explain organizations’ needs for communication and collaboration.
2. Explain social media and Enterprise 2.0.
3. Describe traditional technologies used to support communication and collaboration.
4. Describe various social media applications, and explain their role in enhancing communication, collaboration, cooperation, and connection.
5. Describe how companies can manage their Enterprise 2.0 strategy and deal with potential pitfalls associated with social media.

• Socialnomics video:
• Social media value to you and the world
Socialnomics video
• Social Media and the Big Data Explosion
Article for the assignment below

Make Sure You Answered ALL OF THE Question !!!!!!!
FIRST ASSIGMNET: Social Media and Big Data(ONE PAGE)
Review: Full, Anonymous: No
Conduct Research about Big Data and social media.
What does the article say about social media and big data?
What are the pros?
What are the challenges?
How can a company or nonprofit make social media data actionable?
How can you as an individual make social media work for your job search or reputation?
What job opportunities have developed as a result of the need to understand and use social media data?
How does this make you look at your use of social media?
Follow a company that you would like to work for, or would be of benefit to you and your future career on Twitter. Retweet something they have tweeted.
SECOND ASSIGMENT: Web Comparison Assignment
Web Assignment (20 points) (TWO PAGE)

1. Select three businesses/organizations that are competitors in the same industry and that have a Web site providing information about the organization or for electronic commerce. Visit their Web sites. As an example, you might compare:

• Citibank, PNC, Wells Fargo Bank
• Hollister, Abercrombie, and American Eagle
•, Borders, and Barnes and Noble
• Wal-Mart, Target, and Kmart

Note: When evaluating, most any business will do as long as it has competition. You may even want to compare a college or university to another.

2. Prepare an evaluation report (use Word) of each business’s Web site in terms of its functions, user friendliness, and how well it supports the company’s business strategy. Which Web site does a better job? Why? Can you make some recommendations to improve these Web sites? (maximum of three pages total)

3. There are many criteria for evaluating WWW sites but use the following in your analysis:

• Content: Does the Web site should offer something unique? Will you want to return to this site repeatedly?
• Accuracy: Is the material free of error (typos, spelling, grammar, etc.)? Are the sources for factual information in the material clearly identified? Can you verify them?
• Objectivity: Is any bias present? To what extent is the material meant to persuade? Is this clearly stated? Is the page an advertisement or some other kind of promotional material? Would any surrounding advertising influence the material’s contents or results? Is the advertising clearly separate from the resource contents?
• Coverage: Who is the intended audience?
• Navigation: Is the site easy to move around in? Do you always know where you are? Is it easy to use and fast?
• Appeal: Is the site aesthetically pleasing(appealing in look and color), how do you feel while you are visiting the site? How would you change the look (if you would)?
• Type: Is the site informational, or is it used for ecommerce? Is it secure? How do you know?
• Marketable: Can you find the site in Google based on product, service, or any keyword other than the name of the organization or url? Where does it fall in the Google ranking?
• Browser Compatible: View the site in both Firefox and Internet Explorer and indicate if there are any differences in the presentation.

4. Additionally, add a description of any kind of social media. What is it? How is it used? How will your organizations in the industry you have chosen use this or any social media to gain a competitive advantage? How will this help them find employees or understand more about their customers?
5. Do these sites conduct any ecommerce? If so what kind?
6. Do they make money? If so how? If not what is their purpose?
7. What is their EC Business Strategy?

8. Your typed Word document will be posted in the Drop Box.
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