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This module helps students to understand mega-events. The module is focused on three of these events in particular: the Olympic Games, FIFA World Cups and World Expos. There are several subsidiary objectives. The first is to examine particular issues associated with these types of events. The second is to review if and how these events illustrate issues in the events sector generally. The third is to evaluate how mega-events shed light on wider issues including urban regeneration and the management of large-scale projects.
Teaching and Learning Programme

Wednesday 20th January – Mega-events: an introduction

Reading: Chapter 10 in Bladen, C et al. (2012) Events Management: an Introduction. Routledge.

Wednesday 27th January – The evolution of mega-events

Reading: Liao, H. & Pitts, A. (2006): A brief historical review of Olympic urbanisation, The International Journal of the History of Sport, 23:7, pp.1232-1252

Wednesday 3rd February – Bidding and the legacies of mega-event bids

Reading: Oliver, R. (2014). The legacies of losing: rethinking the ‘failure’ of Toronto’s Olympic Games bids. Sport in Society, 17(2), 204-217.

Wednesday 10th February – Venue and legacy planning

Reading: Chapter 4 in Frawley, S. and Adair, D. Eds. (2013) Managing the Olympics. MacMillan
+ Chapter 6 in Frawley, S. and Adair, D. Eds. (2014) Managing the Football World Cup. MacMillan

Wednesday 17th February – Urban regeneration (+ Olympic Park Site Visit)

Reading: Smith, A. (2014) De-Risking East London. Olympic Regeneration Planning 2000-2012. European Planning Studies 22(9), pp. 1919-1939.

Wednesday 24th February – Leveraging social and economic development

Reading: Smith, A. (2014) Leveraging sport mega-events: new model or convenient justification? Journal of Policy Research in Tourism, Leisure and Events, 6(1), pp.15-30.

Wednesday 9th March –World Expos

Reading: De Groote, P. (2005) A Multidisciplinary analysis of world’s fairs (expos) and their effects. Tourism Review 60(1), pp.12-19.
Wednesday 16th March – The FIFA World Cup

Reading: De Almeida, B. S., Bolsmann, C., Júnior, W. M., & de Souza, J. (2015). Rationales, rhetoric and realities: FIFA’s World Cup in South Africa 2010 and Brazil 2014. International Review for the Sociology of Sport, 50(3), pp.265-282.

Wednesday 30th March – Key issues (1) Sponsorship and ticketing

Reading: James, M. and Osborn, G. (2011), London 2012 and the Impact of the UK’s Olympic and Paralympic Legislation: Protecting Commerce or Preserving Culture?.The Modern Law Review, 74: 410–429.

Wednesday 6th April – Key issues (2) Security and displacement

Reading: Giulianotti., R and Klauser, F (2010) Security Governance and Sport Mega-events: Toward an Interdisciplinary Research Agenda Journal of Sport & Social Issues 34: pp.49-61

Students should prepare an individual essay of approximately 2500 words.
No need for using subheadings. Essay supposed to be written in a discussional way.

Your essay should address one of the following questions:
1. Critically assess the legacies of World Expos for the host cities that stage them. Use this assessment to recommend whether London should submit a bid for the 2025 World Expo.

2. Critically evaluate instances where one mega-event has been held in the same city shortly after another. Use this evaluation to recommend whether London should submit a bid for the 2025 World Expo.

3. Critically examine the legacies of unsuccessful bids for mega-events. Use this examination to recommend whether London should submit a bid for the 2025 World Expo.
4. Critically review the legacies of previous mega-events staged in London. Use this review to recommend whether London should submit a bid for the 2025 World Expo.

Assessment Criteria

The coursework is assessed according to the following criteria:
1. Research and Knowledge:
Evidence of a thorough investigation, sound knowledge of the topic.
2. Understanding and Analysis:
Understanding of the topic, focused on the topic, analytical, sound conclusions.
3. Structure and organisation:
Logically structured and clearly argued.
4. Standard of presentation:
Information and ideas presented in a clear and reasoned manner.

Essential Reading

Frawley, S. and Adair, D. Eds. (2013) Managing the Olympics. MacMillan.

Frawley, S. and Adair, D. Eds. (2014) Managing the Football World Cup. MacMillan

Gold, J. and Gold, M. Eds. (2010) Olympic Cities. Routledge.

Roche, M. (2000) Mega Events and Modernity: Olympics and Expos in the Growth of Global Culture. Routledge

Smith, A. (2012) Events and Urban Regeneration: the Strategic Use of Events to Revitalise Cities. Routledge.
Further reading (books)

Bennett, C. and Haggerty, K. (2011) Security Games Surveillance and Control at Mega-Events. Routledge.

Bernstock, P. (2014) Olympic Housing: A Critical Review of London 2012’s Housing Legacy. Ashgate.

Bladen, C et al. (2012) Events Management: an Introduction. Routledge

Boykoff, J. (2013). Celebration Capitalism and the Olympic Games. Routledge.

Clark, G. (2008) Local Development Benefits of Staging Global Events. OECD

Foley, M. McGillivray, D. and McPherson, G. (2012) Event Policy: From Theory to Strategy. Routledge

Fussey, P. Coaffee, J. Armstrong, G. and Hobbs, D. (2011) Securing and Sustaining the Olympic City. Ashgate

Gold, J. and Gold, M. (2005) Cities of Culture: Staging International Festivals and the Urban Agenda, 1851-2000, Ashgate.

Grix, J. (Ed.). (2014). Leveraging Legacies from Sports Mega-Events: Concepts and Cases. Palgrave Macmillan.

Hayes, G. and Karamichas, J. (2012) Olympic Games, Mega-Events, and Civil Societies: Globalization, Environment, Resistance. Palgrave Macmillan

Hiller, H. (2013). Host Cities and the Olympics: An Interactionist Approach. Routledge.

Jennings, W. (2012) Olympic Risks. Palgrave Macmillan

Kassens- Noor, E. (2012) Planning for Olympic legacies: transport dreams and urban realities. Routledge.

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Pitts, A. and Liao, H. (2009) Sustainable Olympic Design and Urban Development. Routledge.

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Poynter, G., Viehoff, V., & Li, Y. (Eds.). (2015). The London Olympics and Urban Development: The Mega-Event City. Routledge.

Rojek, C. (2013). Event Power: How Global Events Manage and Manipulate. Sage.

Smith, A. (2016) Events in the City: Using Public Spaces as Event Venues. Routledge.

Tomlinson, A. (2014). FIFA: The Men, the Myths and the Money. Routledge.

Viehoff, V., & Poynter, G. (Eds.). (2015). Mega-event Cities: Urban Legacies of Global Sports Events. Ashgate.

Weed, M. (2008) Olympic Tourism. Oxford: Butterworth-Heinemann
Further reading (journal papers)
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