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The Gnutella protocol as a candidate approa

1. Introduction
As discussed earlier in the module, P2P networks can be used as a platform for deploying
distributed Web Services discovery mechanisms as opposed to the standard centralised
method of using UDDI. The Gnutella protocol is a candidate approach for achieving this
although it does have a number of potential limitations.
Different methodologies have been tried in an attempt to implement Gnutella’s but very few
have looked into the issue of doing this in the context of Web Services discovery in a
business environment.
You are working for a small local business; the manager wants the business to start using
Web Services. He/she has heard you have studied this area so before the company begins
any work you have been asked to produce a report to help him/her understand what the
project will be delivering and a basic explanation of the terminology and technologies used.
You have realised Gnutella represents the simplest and most generic type of Peer-to-Peer
networks and suits the project.
You must therefore explain in the report the following areas:
– In your own words describe so someone who’s not an expert can understand how the
underlying technologies (ie HTTP, XML, SOAP, UDDI etc) work together and how they
support each other.
– Explain how the various Gnutella’s work, again for a non-expert reader.
– Propose a particular version of Gnutella to use and support your decision by referencing
supporting materials.
– Discuss the pros and cons of using Web Services with Gnutella in a business environment.
Be sure to highlight any particular difficulties, dangers or threats to be aware of. See if you
can make suggestions about how these might be overcome (including, if it doesn’t already
exist, what you might change in the Gnutella protocol to achieve it).
The assessment scenario is designed to be open ended so you can chose one you want to
discuss e.g. business type, product lines, number of staff, existing hardware devices,
software and network used by the organisation, the web services that it wants to create and
existing external ones it may want to connect with.
At the beginning of your report state clearly the scenario you have in mind and wish
to address and remember the focus is within a business context.
Although it’s not required to pass the assessment, bonus marks are available for drafting
some XML code descriptors (you are free to choose a suitable product line), you only need
to demonstrate you are using the XML syntax and sensible names for them. The code isn’t
meant to be working code; merely indicative of how it might look.
University of Derby Online Learning 6 of 9
– Gnutella 0.4 specification
– Gnutella 0.4 & 0.6 comparison
However, you will need to draw on all the materials covered in the module plus the
suggested further resources mentioned in the Units as well as research information on the
Internet etc.
Make sure though you apply some evaluation to the sources you use, remember not
everything (especially on the Internet) is necessarily 100% accurate!
Also, take notes as you go along as to where you found information so that you can include
it in the references section of your report. You are free to develop your own diagrams to aid
your explanations but if you use ones from elsewhere be sure to reference these fully.
2. Aim
The aim of this project is firstly, to enable you to show how well you have assimilated the
subject within the context of business Web Services discovery by trying to explain it to
someone who isn’t an expert in this field. Secondly to apply that understanding by outlining
the Gnutella protocol you have proposed and justify your choice.
The final element is to show you can follow at designated format for reporting research.
3. Tasks
The project consists of two tasks you must perform and one bonus task. Their specification
is as follows:
Task 1 – 80% of project effort
State clearly the scenario you have chosen to address.
For a business ‘layperson’ provide a suitable:-
 overview of the technologies supporting Gnutella.
 describe your chosen Gnutella protocol’s principles and functionality
 identify and explain advantages and disadvantages in using Gnutella for Web
Services discovery. Try to discuss how any challenges may be addressed.
Your arguments must be logical, clear and supported by suitable evidence and
Task 2 20% Bonus Marks
Based on an example product line you have chosen draft some example XML code to
illustrate what the messages might look like.
The aim of your report is to provide a scientific and professional exposition of the
work you carried out in the tasks set out above and reference it fully.
Submit your report through Turnitin on Blackboard by the due date.
Length: 3000 words (exclude your references in the count)
University of Derby Online Learning 7 of 9
WARNING: You are free to use any books or electronic resources for your report. However
the report should be written in your own words. Copying sentences, paragraphs, sections
word by word or diagrams and pictures from documents which belong to other people
including your classmates without giving due credits is called plagiarism. Every document
deemed to contain copied material will incur severe penalties in marking. To avoid this you
must reference all your sources and write the ideas you found in other documents in your
own words.
Assessment Presentation
When marking this assignment the academics will also be looking for the following criteria:
 Clear legible presentation.
 Good use of spelling, grammar and language throughout.
 Appropriate focus, meeting learning outcomes/assignment criteria.
 Logical progression and structure of arguments.
 (Normally) an introduction, a well-developed discussion and a conclusion
summarising the work.
 The introduction will include an exploration of the focus of the assignment and
discuss the way the assignment has been approached.
 Evidence of a range of relevant supporting reading.
 Use of accurate, evidence based information to support the arguments made.
 Follow normal Academic Regulations in terms of Academic Offences, style and
 Use the Harvard system of referencing and may include a bibliography that lists all
resources referenced.
 A declaration statement which says you have checked your Turnitin originality report
and certain that the work is your own (and has never been submitted for marking
before by you, or anyone else)
 Maintain the confidentiality of clients/customers and persons associated with them,
colleagues and organisations
This module uses a grading scale applicable to Levels 4, 5 and 6 in the University Credit
Framework. The grade descriptors (on the next page) are typical characteristics of the
standard of work associated with each grade.


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