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Job searching process

“Shondra will graduate from college soon and is beginning the job search process. What should she do first?

Research salary, benefits, and job stability in a chosen field

Develop an effective résumé to be sent to prospective employers

Locate a specific job opening at a desirable company

Identify her interests and goals and evaluate her qualifications

Question 2

“Which of the following is a purpose of a customized cover letter?

To gain an interview

To learn more about the employer

To win a job offer

To take the place of a formal résumé

Question 3

“A cover letter is most appealing if it

begins by addressing the reader by name.

is general and is addressed to Ladies and Gentlemen or To Whom It May Concern.

is addressed to a job title such as Personnel Manager or to a department such as Human Resources Department.

omits the salutation altogether.

Question 4

“Which of the following is the best advice for a cover letter that accompanies a résumé sent via e-mail or by fax?

Take the time to prepare a professional cover letter to accompany your résumé sent electronically.

Mail the cover letter separately from the résumé sent via e-mail or fax.

Shorten your e-mail or fax cover letter to a brief statement such as Please consider the attached résumé for your opening.

Skip the cover letter as it is unnecessary to introduce yourself because the e-mail or fax includes your name.

Question 5

“Job seekers can use social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter during their job search.



Question 6

“A digitized e-portfolio is

an electronic copy of your résumé recorded on a CD, DVD, or flash drive.

the addition of work samples and personal information as an attachment to your e-mail résumé.

a collection of digital files that gives a snapshot of the candidate’s performance, talents, and accomplishments.

the name given to résumés posted on job search Web sites such as

Question 7

“A résumé should always be one page in length.



Question 8

“The body of a cover letter should

promote the candidate’s qualifications.

motivate action.

tell the reader how you learned of the position.

ask for an interview.

Question 9

“An effective résumé style for job hunters who are afraid of appearing overqualified is the

scannable résumé.

functional résumé.

chronological résumé.

online résumé.

Question 10

“Select the statement that best describes the summary of qualifications portion of a résumé.

Place the summary of qualifications at the bottom of your résumé to give it a strong ending.

A summary of qualifications makes your résumé easier to read.

Recruiters and hiring managers dislike the summary of qualification section because it adds to reading time.

Format the summary of qualifications section as one or two concise paragraphs.

Question 11

“Which of the following is an example of a niche employment Web site?

Question 12

“Which of the following statements about searching for a job online is most accurate?

Searching for a job online has completely replaced traditional methods.

Online job boards now face competition from social networking sites.

The listings found on online job boards tend to be current and will generally produce many leads.

The percentage of hires resulting from job boards is hig

Question 13

“Because it quickly reveals a candidate’s education and experience most recruiters favor a(n)

scannable résumé.

functional résumé.

chronological résumé.

online résumé.

Question 14

“Select the statement that most accurately describes a résumé.

Awards and honors should not be listed on a résumé because doing so will sound as if you are bragging.

Because they are not related to your work experience, school and community activities should be omitted from your résumé.

To give a potential employer a complete picture, you should include personal information such as height, weight, and marital status.

Consider including hobbies or interests, such as skiing or photography, because they may catch the employer’s attention or serve as conversation starters.

Question 15

“Manuel is looking for his first job after graduating from college. Where will he most likely find a position?

With a Fortune 500 company

With a nonprofit organization

With a small company

With an international multinational corporation

Question 16

“Which of the following statements about the work experience section of a résumé is most accurate?

List only jobs that you think will help you win the targeted position.

Place your work history in chronological order by date.

Always place the work experience section after the education section.

Place your employment achievements and job duties in paragraph format.

Question 17

“Select the statement that best describes the main heading portion of a résumé.

The first line of your résumé should always be the word Résumé.

Including a cell phone number will make your résumé look unprofessional; therefore, omit it.

If you have a Web site where an e-portfolio can be viewed, include the address in the main heading your résumé.

Include your work e-mail address so that you can be contacted more easily.

Question 18

“Select the correct statement about applying the final touches to your résumé.

Use personal pronouns such as I to describe your experiences on a résumé.

Seek the help of a résumé-writing service for a résumé that will stand out in a competitive job market.

Adding a touch of humor to your résumé is an effective way to demonstrate your personality to a potential employer.

Because it’s probably the most important message you’ll ever write, your résumé must be perfect.

Question 19

“The””hidden”” job market

accounts for a small number of jobs and should, therefore, be considered a secondary resource.

accounts for up to 80 percent of all positions available at any given time.

has become unimportant since online job boards provide millions of job listings.

makes it difficult to find a job because companies keep job openings a secret.

Question 20

“Prepare a résumé only when you’re actively in the job market.



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