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Assignment: guidelines APA citation format is necessary.
You must use a minimum of five peer-reviewed articles to construct your own interpretation/theory relevant to the field of animal behavior.
Examples of synthesis/review papers ( I will post)
Please cite properly (in APA format)! I will be taking off up to two full points for each incorrect citation.
If you quote a phrase without a proper quote citation, I will take off up to four points for each instance.
If you directly quote with no citation, you may fail the assignment.
You must include a full reference list, including proper APA bibliography format for each source you cite and/or quote. The punctuation (which varies by journal) is not as important here as the information.
If you are unsure of your citation formatting, please contact me about it (before the day the assignment is due). You might also wish to consult the citation guide, which is titled “citation guide” and may be found under the “citation help” folder on blackboard.
You should use Google Scholar, JStor, PubMed, and/or other academic search engines to locate the articles you will need. If you find an article that seems particularly relevant, and it is behind a paywall, please let me know. I cannot promise that I will have access to it either, but if not, we can discuss alternatives.
The paper should be Times New Roman, 12 point font, standard 1” margins, double spaced. It should not be more than eight pages; there is no minimum length, but you will be graded on comprehensiveness
Your goal in this assignment is to generate a thesis, based on your examination of the literature, about any topic in animal behavior. You should support this thesis with examples drawn from the peer-reviewed literature, in the style of a formal review paper. You will be graded on how logically your thesis progresses from the “building blocks” of peer-reviewed literature that you have chosen, the comprehensiveness of your literature search/inclusion of literature, and the clarity of expression. Your work should remain founded in peer-reviewed scientific theory.
You will by necessity have to make some choices about which details in the literature are most important to your review. When making these decisions, please think about how relevant a given piece of information is to the overall story of the thesis: why are you looking for this information? How did you find it? What did you find? What was missing in the literature that you reviewed? What are the implications of those findings, and how do they connect with other information on the subject?
The paper will be about:

I would like to study the “killer” whales and how it affects them when they are in captivity. I think this subject is very controversial right now. Specially since there are already places where they already have stopped capturing whales. There have been many cases where they have attacked trainers.
Please use google scholar and jstor/pubmed (or similar search engines which focus on peer-reviewed literature) to find your supporting research,
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