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Bringing It All Together

To complete this assignment, you must submit:
( Solution Focused) ( Steve Deshavier)•Your final statement about your theoretical orientation to supervision. Has it changed?(NO) Do you have a better understanding of how it is applied?(YES) Describe the following in your statement: ■Experiences and training that led you to select this theoretical orientation for yourself. ( As an LPC in training, I was exposed to this theory, and found it worked feantastic with all clients)
■What this orientation suggests about how supervision should be applied and how it can be adapted for supervising play therapists.
■Examples of how this was applied in the supervisory sessions in Units 4, 6 and 8.(UN



Counselor Supervision

Counselor supervision

Counselor supervisors are important to counselors in training as they guide them in the

process of becoming accredited counselors, leading to numerous responsibilities. This section

outlines three such tasks and how they may arise for site supervisorsI

Counselor supervision 2

According to the Association for Counselor Education and Supervision (2011), one

responsibility for the supervisor is to engage in supervisory actions that will make the delivery of

counseling services more proficient. Thus, a site supervisor ensures that the supervisee is well

trained and that he that he will adhere to any ethical and legal standards that are set out by the

organization. This ensures that clients get the best help, protecting their welfare in the process.

Secondly, a counselor supervisor evaluates and assesses the performance of the

supervisee, especially with regard to the application of relevant theories, techniques and

interventions (American Counseling Association, 2005; American Association for Marriage and

Family Therapy, 2007). Because the site supervisor is present while the sessions are ongoing

(even though he may not be utilizing live supervision), he is in a position to monitor the

supervisee’s progress daily. This way, he can quickly appraise the supervisee and provide much

needed guidance when needed. Consequently, he helps the supervisee to be more aware of his

actions during sessions and how they may affect the client.

Counselor supervision 3

Counselor supervision 4

1T 4
■Write your statement in APA format, and cite any sources you used to develop your statement.

•A self-reflection paper that includes the following components: ■A description of your strengths as you see them.
■Areas where you feel you can use additional development.

•A sample of a supervision contract, which can be blank. This should be a sample document you could use in your practice to document an agreement between you, as a supervisor, and a supervisee. This document should include space for the following, at a minimum: ■Names, contact information, and a summary of professional experience for the supervisor and supervisee.
■The goals and objectives of the supervision experience.
■Any legal and ethical responsibilities of the supervisor and supervisee.

•A sample supervision session summary form which can be blank—used to record the details of a supervisory session. Again, this should be a document you could use in your practice to record the details of a supervisory session. This document should include space for the following, at a minimum: ■Names of supervisor and supervisee.
■Goals and objectives of the session.
■What was done during the session.
■Tentative goals for the next session.

•Read VanderGast, Culbreth, and Flowers’s 2010 article, “An Exploration of Experiences and Preferences in Clinical Supervision with Play Therapists,” from International Journal of Play Therapy, volume 19, issue 3, pages 174–185.
•Read Garza, Falls, and Bruhn’s 2009 article, “Measuring Deeper Meaning Responses: A Discrimination Scale for Play Therapists in Training,” from International Journal of Play Therapy, volume 18, issue 3, pages 147–161.
•Read Fall, Drew, Chute, and More’s 2007 article, “The Voices of Registered Play Therapists as Supervisors,” from International Journal of Play Therapy, volume 16, issue 2, pages 133–146.
•Read Kranz and Lund’s 1994 article, “Recommendations for Supervising Play Therapists,” from International Journal of Play Therapy, volume 3, issue 2, pages 45–52.

Use the reserved readings to complete the following:
•Read Keith-Spiegel and Koocher’s chapter, “Enforcement of Ethical Conduct,” from Ethics in Psychology and the Mental Health Professions: Standards and Cases (3rd ed.), pages 41–69.
•Read Keith-Spiegel and Koocher’s chapter, “On Being Ethical,” from Ethics in Psychology and the Mental Health Professions: Standards and Cases (3rd ed.), pages 3–19.

Optional Web Resource

You may complete the following, but you are not required to do so:
•Access the Web site of American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy and review the types of information provided. If you are a member, you can log in and search for information about the Approved Supervisor Designation.
Drewes, A. A., & Mullen, J. A. (Eds.). (2011). Supervision can be playful. Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield. ISBN: 9780765705341.

Shohet, R. (Ed.). (2007). Passionate supervision. Philadelphia, PA: Jessica Kingsley Publishers. ISBN: 9781843105565

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