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AC and DC Circuits


Complete working with full explanations where necessary from tasks 1 to 15

Task 9          





12 V


15 V


330 Ω








Figure 1


For the circuit in figure 1 calculate:


The currents flowing through R1 and R2

The current through RL

The p.d. developed across RL

The power dissipated by RL


Task 9 requirements

You are to include a circuit diagram in your answer to identify the loops you are using, also identify on the circuit diagram the direction of current flow for each loop, then reference the relevant equation to each loop.


You should number each equation in turn and fully explain (workings out) your progress through from simultaneous equations to your solution.



22 nF
5.21 uH
1.5 Ω

Task 10        









Figure 2


An inductor having an inductance of 5.21 uH and resistance 1.5 Ω is connected in series with a 22 nF capacitor across a 200 mV variable frequency supply.  Determine


the frequency at which resonance occurs

the circuit Q factor

the capacitor p.d. at resonance

the circuit current

the bandwidth of the circuit


Task 10 requirements

You are to identify each equation you are using to solve the problem, then insert the values and finally show the solution.  Include the suffix values (10-3, 10-6 etc.) in all your calculations and show all your units.

Task 11        










Figure 3


The circuit in figure 3 dissipates 162.5 W.  Calculate


the circuit current

the p.d. across the coil

the p.d. across the capacitor

the phase angle

power factor of the circuit



Task 11 requirements

As for question 2 plus the question asks for the coil voltage.  Take care when answering this part and fully explain the meaning of the term ‘coil voltage’.



Task 12        


An inductive load consisting of an inductance of 191 mH in series with a 20 W resistor is connected across a 240 V, 50 Hz supply.  Calculate:


the circuit current

the power factor

the power supplied by the power supply

the power dissipated by the circuit

the power factor correction capacitor needed to increase the power factor to 0.96.



Task 12 requirements

In QN4 the preceding calculations will generally be used in subsequent parts.  For all parts, show your complete working with full explanations where necessary.


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