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1: Both the sun and the moon pull on the earth.  The sun’s attraction is much greater that the moon’s.  Why then is the moon most responsible for the tides?

2: What keeps the planets from crashing into the sun?

3: Atoms are made of a nucleus and electrons.  Which is most responsible for their volume? Their mass?

4: If you triple the linear size of an object, how much larger is its area?  Its volume?

5: Compared to the buoyant force of a submerged, 1 cm3 block of lead, what is the buoyant force of a submerged, 1 cm3 of aluminum?

6: What is the force that holds a suction cup on the wall?

7: The moderate temperatures of islands throughout the world has much to do with water’s

  1. A)poor conductivity. B) vast supply of internal energy. C) high specific heat. D) high evaporation rate. E) absorption of solar energy

8: What are the three processes of heat transfer?  Which one is responsible for the earth’s heat loss?

9: Starting with evaporation, discuss cloud formation.

10: Make a simple illustration of a temperature inversion in the Salt Lake Valley.

11: What is the source of all wave motion?

12: How do you estimate the distance, in kilometers, you are from a bolt of lightning?

13: What are the units of measure of frequency? Wavelength?  Loudness? Why is 60 decibels 1000 times as intense as 30 decibels?

14: Why, during a lightning storm, are the safest places for us inside a car or metal building?

15: Will a light bulb with a thick filament carry more or less current than a light bulb with a thin filament connected to a similar power source? In a circuit of two lamps in series, if the current through one lamp is 1 amp, what is the current through the other lamp?

16: Why does a compass needle point north?   What happens when it is taken to the Southern Hemisphere?

17: What force field would be used to change an electron’s speed?

What force field would be used to change an electron’s acceleration, but never change its speed?


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