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Maths Problems

1. Which one of the following formulas correctly expresses this statement: The number x is equal to another number n plus the square root of 3. A. x = 3n2

B. x = n + 32 C. x = n + √3 D. x = √n + 3

2. The formula for finding the volume of a pyramid is v = bh/3. What formula should you use to find the altitude h?

A. h = v/3b

B. h = 3b/v

C. h = 3bv

D. h = 3v/b

3. The perimeter of an isosceles triangle is p = 2a + b. Find the numerical value of a if p = 10 and b = 3. A. 31/ 2

B. 13

C. 7 D. 61/


4. Solve the following equation for .

A. y = 16

B. y = 64

C. y = 32

D. y = 4

5. Which one of the following formulas correctly expresses this statement: A quantity x is equal to the sum of the squares of a and b?

A. x = 2a + 2b B. x = a2 + b2 C. x = √a + b

D. x = √ab

6. Solve the equation cx/ 2

= af/ g

for x.

A. x = 2cg/af B. x = caf/2g C. x = gaf/2c D. x = 2af/cg

7. Which of the following is a correct statement about the root of an equation?

A. The root of an equation is the solution of the equation.

B. The root of an equation is the letter that occurs most frequently.

C. The root of an equation is the reciprocal of the unknown quantity.

D. The root of an equation is a term that’s been moved to the opposite side.

8. Solve the expression for x: (4 – 2) (x – 2) = 4x – 8 A. x = 6/5

B. x = –2

C. x = 0

D. x = 2

9. Find the value of x in the following equation: x/ 2 + 2x/ 5 = 18

A. x = 2 B. x = 11/2 C. x = 255/7

D. x = 20

10. If the area of a square is represented by the formula A = s2, and the area A = 64 sq cm (square centimeters), what is the side s of the square?

A. 32 cm

B. 8 cm

C. 16 cm

D. 4 cm

11. What is the reciprocal of the number 2?

A. 22 B. 2/1 C. 1/2

D. √2

12. Find the current in a circuit if the power is 500 W (watts) and the resistance is 25 ohms. Round off

your answer to two decimal places. Use the formula .

A. 20 A

B. 4.47 A

C. 0.05 A

D. 0.22 A

13. The formula for perimeter is p = 2 l + 2 w. If the perimeter p of a rectangle is 200 mm (millimeters) and the width w = 30 mm, what is l?

A. 70 mm

B. 100 mm

C. 140 mm

D. 60 mm

14. Solve the equation 7x – 8a = 3x + 24a for x.

A. x = 8a

B. x = 32a

C. x = 3a

D. x = 24a

15. Simply put, an equation shows

A. that one thing is equal to another.

B. the value of an unknown quantity.

C. a method for finding the value x.

D. a rule for finding an unknown quantity.

16. In mathematics, a formula is a(n)

A. procedure for calculating area and perimeter.

B. expression of the value of the quantity.

C. equation with three or more unknown quantities.

D. rule for finding an unknown quantity.

17. Calculate the current in a circuit whose electromotive force is 100 volts and resistance is 5 Ohms. Use the formula i = e/ r .

A. 0.05 A

B. 105 A

C. 500 A

D. 20 A

End of exam

18. In the equation c2 – 4 = 0, c is equal to

A. ±2.

B. ±4.

C. 8.

D. 16.

19. Find the value of y in the formula y = 5a – 3b + c, if a = 12, b = 4, and c = 8.

A. 80

B. 56

C. 64

D. 40

20. Find the area of a triangle with a base of 10 in. and an altitude of 14 in. (The formula for the area of a triangle is A = bh ÷ 2.)

A. 140 sq in.

B. 24 sq in.

C. 70 sq in.

D. 280 sq in



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