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Women role then and now

Women role then and now

Written below are a conversation Susan B. Anthony who was a lecturer, teacher, feminist activist, civil rights activist and a reformer and Millicent Garrett Fawcett who was an English suffragist, political leader, union leader, writer and a feminist.

Susan: Hallo Millicent.

Millicent: Hallo.

Susan: could you tell me a little bit about your background.

Millicent: ok, I was born on 11th june1847 in Aldeburgh, Suffolk. My father new son Garrett was a warehouse owner. When at home, my parents encouraged interests on daily political issues, expression opinion and freedom of thought I took a moderate line as a tireless campaigner. I struggle so much to improve women’s opportunities on higher education. In 1871 I co founded new ham college in Cambridge. I later became the president of the national union of women’s suffrage societies between 1890 and 1919. I was later appointed the leader of the British government’s commission to South Africa on a mission to investigate concentration camps. In my report I collaborated with campaigner Emily hob house had said concerning the camps (Susan 1880). In 1866 I became the secretary of London society for women’s suffrage. I got married in 1867. In 1868 I joined the London suffrage committee and in 1869 I spoke for the first pro suffrage meeting in public.

Susan: Ooh that’s good…Then?

Millicent: in 1870 I published political economy for beginners which were a great success. We also published political essays in 1872 together with my husband. In 1875 I co founded new ham hall and I served in the council. I started my political career at the age of 22 at a women suffrage meeting. I distanced myself from militant and violent activities from women’s social and political union as this harmed women chances to gain votes. In 1833 I became the president of the special appeal committee. In 1875 I wrote my first article on women’s education which was published in Maximillan’s magazine. I also speak and lecture at girl’s schools and colleges and in adult education centres.

Susan: That was such a special role…

Millicent: I agree with you. I did not take it for granted. Susan I also forgot to mention that the South African war created opportunities for me to share female responsibilities in the culture of Britain. I was nominated to lead the commission of women who were sent to South Africa. What about you, tell me about yourself.

Susan: I was born in 15th February 1820 in Adams Massachusetts. I spent much of my life working on social issues. In 1826, my family moved Battenville New York. During the late 1830’s my father’s business failed and I returned back home and started working as a teacher to help my family make ends meet. In mid 1840’s we again moved to New York. When in New York we were involved in the fight against slavery. This was also called the abolitionist movement. I also became the head of girl’s department at Canajoharie academy. In 1851 I attended an anti slavery conference where I met Elizabeth Stanton who was involved in a temperance movement which aimed at the reduction of alcohol. In the temperance convention I was denied a chance to speak simply because I was a woman. I even realized later that no one took women who were in politics seriously unless they had the right to vote. In 1852, Elizabeth and I established the women’s New York state temperance society. We also fought for women’s right together. I traveled extensively campaigning on behalf of women and I started up petitions for women to have rights to vote and own property.

Millicent: that is great work.

Susan: yeah, I also started working as an agent for the American anti slavery society in 1856. In 1872 I carried out tirelessly campaigns around the country to convince people to support woman’s right to vote. I went to the extent of taking matters to my own hands in 1872 when I voted illegally in a presidential election. This even led to my arrest. I wrote my first book ‘history of woman suffrage in 1880. In 1856 I attempted to unify American and African women and women rights movement.

Millicent: so in general what do you think is the historical status for women?

Susan: Millicent I think women have been underestimated for so long and denied many rights which our fellow counterparts enjoy. This is the main reason that pushed me to advocate for women’s right to vote and own property. I felt from the rest of the community as a woman. I am confident I am not the only one who experiences these predicaments but there are women out there who we share this.

Millicent: That’s true.

Susan: yeah. For example when I was denied to speak at a temperance convention in 1852 where I had attended together with Elizabeth just because I am a woman. This is enough evidence of the humiliation and social injustices that women undergo.

Millicent: so what happened after you were denied that chance?

Susan: from there I established a temperance movement and fought tirelessly for women rights to vote and own property as I had told you earlier on. I also helped in the establishment of the American equal rights association in 1866. The association aimed at advocating for equal rights to all people regardless of race or gender. I also created a weekly publication called ‘the revolution’ that advocated for women rights in1868.

Millicent: wow that’s great work.

Susan: women also face physical abuse from their husbands and cover up from these beatings. What about you what do you think about the same?

Millicent: I agree with you Betty. Women have been oppressed and denied many rights. For instance women are the one who are made to choose between their marriage and career and they end up neglecting their careers. Women also carry out many pieces of work but do not succeed because there are forces that are always pulling them down. I myself have backed campaigns without a number which failed.

Susan: And what do you think about women’s current role?

Millicent: Gloria I think women should continue to advocate for equal rights both civil and political and I would urge women to form activism groups that will help them in achieving this. Women should also go for what they think is right despite the opposition they may face in the journey of advocating for their rights.

Susan: I second you on that and to add on it, women should stop compromising their careers in order to take care of family and going against their principles to please their male counter parts. Women should not stay in abusive marriages as well.










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