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the implications of Liquidity Risk

“Organizations, like individuals, grow comfortable with the ways they have always looked at things and they are good at shaping the world to fit these ways. Mindsets get reinforced and worldviews become a dominant logic…..As long as the world is moving in (relatively) predictable directions, staying with the old cognitive framework is not such a bad thing. The challenge comes when the rules of the game change and fresh thinking is needed.” Quote taken from “Change is closer than it seems” by Andrew White and John Bessant in the Financial Times Series Mastering Uncertainty: Part 3:Don’t get swept away by change March 31, 2006.

Strategic discussions often involve the most subjective inputs in the ERM process. How should the ERM process address this issue of entrenched “mindsets” so that they do not increase risk and reduce opportunity?


2.)    “What makes liquidity so important is its binary quality: one moment it is there in abundance, the next it is gone….Liquidity comes in two closely connected forms: asset liquidity, or the ability to sell holdings easily at a decent price; and funding liquidity, or the capacity to raise finance and roll over old debts when needed, without facing punitive ‘haircuts’ on collateral posted to back this borrowing.” Quote from The gods strike back: A special report on financial risk in The Economist February 13, 2010.

Financial Risk models, such as VaR, set “expected” loss levels based on probability models of expected asset returns and correlation of returns among assets. But the tacit assumption is that liquidity exists so the asset can be sold. Discuss the implications of Liquidity Risk for such models.


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