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rote memorization

Exam 2 – 40 Points

ORGL/PSYC/SOC 472-1MFall 2015


Exam Guidelines: This is a take-home exam. It was designed with the intent of helping you understand and apply the concepts studied as opposed to rote memorization. As such, you are encouraged to use the course text, class notes, and other relevant materials to construct your responses. Below I have captured some additional things to keep in mind as you complete the exam.

  • All responses must be received by 11:59pm Wednesday December 2. My preference is that you submit your exam via canvas. However, if you have any difficulties please e-mail me a copy of the exam before the final deadline. Late responses will be subject to point loss and potentially no points awarded.
  • While you are encouraged to use your course materials to aid in completing the exam, each exam should be completed individually. Please remember the intent of the exam is to determine your understanding and integration of course materials. In order to do this you must present your own work.
  • Ensure that in completing your responses you do not plagiarize. If you use any direct quotes from the text please note the authors and page number. The majority of your responses should be your own thoughts in your own words. You will be graded on your ability to integrate content and express your thoughts.
  • There is no minimum or maximum length of response required. You should instead focus on answering all aspects of the questions clearly.
  • Responses should be submitted as a word document. There is no specific format requirement (no need for APA, MLA, etc.). However, you should respond in full sentences and review your responses for clarity.
  • Please use this document as the template for your responses. Begin each response following the question so that it is clear to which question you are responding.
  • This exam will assess content we have covered as of November 25th. This includes: Chapters 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, & 11.



  • Two college graduates recently joined the same major newspaper as journalists. Both work long hours and have tight deadlines for completing their stories. They are often under constant pressure to scout out new leads and be the first to report new controversies. One journalist is increasingly fatigued and despondent and has taken several days of sick leave. The other is getting the work done and seems to enjoy the challenges. Use your knowledge of stress (Chapter 4) to explain why these two journalists are reacting differently to the same job. What suggestions would you make to reduce the negative stress reactions for the first journalist? (6 points)




  • Several service representatives are upset that a newly hired representative with no previous experience will be paid $3,000 a year above the usual starting salary. The department manager explained that the new hire would not accept the entry-level rate, so the company raised the offer by $3,000. All five reps earn salaries near the top of the scale ($15,000 higher than the new recruit) although they all started at the minimum starting salary a few years earlier. Use equity theory (Chapter 5) to explain why the five service representatives feel inequity in this situation. Also, how might the feelings of inequity affect members of the team? (6 points)



  • Fast Tire Company redesigned its production facilities around a team-based system. However, the company president believes that employees will not be motivated unless they receive incentives based on their individual performance. What factors should be considered when deciding whether individual or team based incentives are the best approach? Regardless of whether team or individual rewards are used, what suggestions do you have for improving the reward effectiveness? (Chapter 6) (8points)



  • Discuss two of the causes of escalating commitment discussed in Chapter 7. Provide an example for each cause as to how it could contribute to escalation of commitment in a real world scenario (6 Points)



  • A company in a country that is just entering the information age intends to introduce e-mail for office staff at its 3 buildings located throughout the city. Describe 2 benefits and 2 potential problems that employees will likely experience with this communication medium? What other communication mediums might you suggest for the company?(Chapter 9, 6 points)



  • Conflict occurs in organizations. What separates negative conflict from constructive conflict? What factors separate constructive conflict from relationship conflict? Provide 1 example of a structural source of conflict you have experienced. (Chapter 11, 8 points)



  • Extra Credit (Optional): Discuss 2 of the sources of power in organizations. (Chapter 10) Why is power useful in organizations? (2 points) 

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