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Research Compilation “Gang Violence in Canada”

The first step in the process is the selection of your topic. Your must select one topic area from the list on this page. Note that these topic areas correspond to chapters from Understanding Crime in Canada that are eligible for chapter summaries.

The second step in the process is to read the text chapter that corresponds to your topic area. Do this early in the semester. I strongly encourage you to prepare a chapter summary based on this chapter (to be submitted later). Having read the chapter, you will be in a better position to select your specific topic.
The third step in the process is to clear your research compilation topic with me, either during class or during my office hours. Do this as soon as possible. If your research topic is too broad or too narrow, I will help you to refocus. If it is �just right�, I will give you the green light to proceed.
The fourth step in the process is to prepare a topic overview. A topic overview is similar in format and intent to a chapter summary, but rather than covering the entire chapter in question, it focuses on material relevant to your research compilation topic. Please note that you may use content from your topic overview in a chapter summary and vice-versa.
Topic Overview Guidelines
� A topic overview should provide an overview of key concepts and ideas related to the research compilation topic discussed in the chapter in question. This may include content addressed in case studies and text boxes. Your topic overview should also put your topic in context by discussing links between the topic and broader trends, theories, and debates (as discussed in the text chapter).
� Topic overviews must be typed (single- spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font, with standard margins).
� Topic overviews must be one page in length.
� You must use full sentences and paragraphs.
You may not use bullet points or subheadings.
� Topic overviews must be written in your own words. They may not be composed of lengthy
direct excerpts from the text.
� Topic overviews should employ proper APA-
style in-text citations.
� For further clarification, your topic overview
should engage with a single chapter from Understanding Crime in Canada. It should not engage with any additional resources.
The fifth step in the process is to prepare a review of published works. This is the most challenging and detailed aspect of the assignment. Be sure to set aside time to work on it over several weeks. You will need to identify two scholarly works (academic books, book chapters, or journal articles) that relate to your topic area. You will also need to identify one report prepared by a government organization, non-governmental organization, or investigative journalist that relates to your topic area.
Review of Published Works Guidelines
� A review of published works must include three separate entries (three reviews). Each review must follow the guidelines provided below:
� Reviews must be typed (single-spaced, 12- point Times New Roman font, with standard margins)
� Reviews must be one page in length.
� You must use full sentences and paragraphs.
You may not use bullet points. You should,
however, use the subheadings described
� Reviews must be written in your own words.
They may not be composed of lengthy direct
excerpts from the text.
� Reviews should employ proper APA-style in-
text citations.
� Each review should be organized using the
following subheadings:
� Bibliographic entry – a full APA-style
bibliographic citation for the resource
� Overview – approximately 1/2 page
should be dedicated to providing a concise overview of the key ideas, concepts, and findings discussed in the resource. This section should be written in such a way that it could serve as a guide for incorporating the resource into a research paper
� Relevance – approximately 1/2 page should be dedicated to explaining the relevance of the resource. Why is this an important resource? How does it expand your knowledge of the topic? What connections can you identify between the resource and themes discussed in your topic overview? In short – out of all of the possible resources for you to engage with, why did you choose this one?
The sixth step in the process is to identify a case study that exemplifies your topic. A case study need not be a legal case (though it could be). It could be the story of a particular event or series of events. It could be a Canadian case, but it need not be. Your objective is to identify and describe a case that fits with – and could be explained using – your topic overview and review of published works. In a formal research paper, this case study would be used to illustrate the connections between the ideas you are exploring and actual events and experiences. You will need to draw on a number of resources to provide an effective description of your case study. Resources could include government or non-governmental organization reports, media reports, legal case materials, and online commentary. There is no specific target number of resources for this portion of the assignment – your objective is to provide a fulsome description of your case study, drawing on the best and most relevant resources available to you.

Page 1 – topic overview.
Page 2 – review of a published academic work.
Page 3 – review of a published academic work.
Page 4 – review of a published government report, non-governmental organization report, or in-depth piece of investigative reporting
Page 5 – case study.


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