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MSamel Revised 03/2012
This project is a team exercise in developing and writing a departmental or outlet business plan for a Hotel F&B outlet. The substance of the document should be directed towards the management of the outlet. The purpose of the exercise is for you to apply what you have learned in the classroom. Please ask for help. Check your work frequently with me.
Prior to handing in the completed project your team will conduct a presentation of your findings. (Time permitting)

Project Components
Section I Project Introduction & Profile

Select an actual full service or limited service hotel operation as the focus for your project. Your team may choose any operation, as long as it meets the following requirements:
• It is commercial (open to the public for profit)
• It is a year round operation
• It has a web site.
• You are able to obtain on line menus or pictures of the F&B offered.
• You will be able to gather adequate information on the property to complete all sections of the project without contacting the company directly.

Under no circumstances are students allowed to contact, interview or requests information directly from the business under study. If the property is local students may observe but not disrupt the ongoing operation. Use of current employers is strongly discouraged. This is a research based project.

Section 1 Introduction

In paragraph form, author an introductory profile of the hotel property. Details should include all of part A and Part B.
Introduction (part A): The introduction of the HOTEL should include all of the following:

• The name and location of the hotel
• The number of sleeping rooms available
• The number size and type of food and beverage outlets available
• The hours of operation
• A detailed description of the targeted guests and customers
• A general description of the architectural layout of the facility.
• The décor and atmosphere, brief history of the operation, themes, company mission and core values.
• Staffing- Organizational chart
Introduction (part B): The introduction of the HOTELOUTLET should include all of the following:

• Explain why the chosen property best represents the HOTELOUTLET your team has decided to explore.

• Discuss and explain in detail the purpose of the outlet. What does it sell, how does it sell, it and for what target guest or customer is it designed to service.

• Discuss specifically the food and beverage menus offered in the outlet

• Discuss the categories of food and beverages offered, price ranges, and the hours of operating hours.

• Discuss the operational aspects related to the chosen menus; staffing needs, HACCP concerns, service standards, and equipment needs

Section 2 Departmental Budgeting Planning

1. Standardized H.A.C.C.P. Recipes

Using the OUTLET menus from your operation’s website, Select the following items from the menu which best meet the criteria of a successful menu item and;

Develop standardized recipes for (2) Appetizers (2) Desserts and (3) Entrees (7) Total recipes. (Or the Appropriate Menu Categories the outlet provides; 7 total) The recipes cannot be ready to eat (RTE) items; they should include at least (5) ingredients. The recipes should be presented in the format described in class with all appropriate information included. The recipes must be accurately expressed. The recipes will yield 25 portions +/- each.

1. Standardized Cost Card
Present a cost card for each of the (7) recipes developed in section 2. Use the format given to you in class. Unit prices can be obtained from anywhere. Be sure to include all purchasing units. Calculate cost per portion on this form and carry to TCPD use a Q of $1.14 for entrees only and spice factor of 4% for All other recipes. These variables would represent a restaurant outlet. Depending on the type of food service offered these numbers will be discussed in class

1. Marketing
For the F&B outlet under study describe how you would market the OUTLET to the internal and external target guests. Begin by describing who the target guests are and how your selected example hotel currently performs this task. Conclude with an estimated marketing cost figure that can be used for your budgets.

1. Minimum Menu Pricing
Utilizing the menu pricing methods described for you in class, calculate the minimum menu price for each of the (7) menu items you developed in Section 2 & 3.
You will use both menu pricing methods for each menu item.
After computing MMP, present your findings in paragraph form. Select the method you would use and explain why that method works for your operation. Present the actual selling price you would put on the menu and why.
1. Revenue Projection – Budget 1
Following all the directions given in class. Calculate revenue for one year for your operation using industry statistics. The numbers you need to submit in this section should be presented exactly as modeled for you in class. Check your numbers for accuracy after typing. This budget will be presented using EXCEL spreadsheet. The format, etc will be done exactly as presented in class.
(Average check, Turnover, Revenue Calculations for F&B Lunch and Dinner, Budget 1, Cell Formulas, Adjusted Budget 1, Cell Formulas)

1. Budget 2 – Variance
You will create an actual budget (Budget 2) using descriptive changes given to you in class. You will present Budget 1 and Budget 2 on the same spreadsheet and create a set of variance comparisons. Analyze the impact of the changes. What are the results? Present your findings in written form along with the spreadsheet data.
(Budget 1, Budget 2, Variance, Cell Formulas, written summation)

1. Labor
Following all the directions given in class. Calculate the labor cost for one year for your outlet using industry statistics as a comparison. The numbers you need to submit in this section should be presented exactly as modeled for you in class. Check your numbers for accuracy after typing. This budget will be presented using EXCEL spreadsheet. The format, etc will be done exactly as presented in class.
(Labor Cost projection, written summation rationale)
Section 3 Works Cited, and Appendices, and Format

Your submitted paper must conform to MLA guidelines and must contain in text citations and a works cited page to be accepted. Each section of the project must be supported by credible resources; textbook, trade journals, industry articles, professional databases and specialized websites, as examples.

The use of appendices is strongly recommended. Create appendices sections for items such as charts, graphs, pictures, tables, and exhibits which will not fit in the text and refer the reader of the document to them. This is not in replacement of the in text citation. It is simply additional information you provide to help the reader understand the information more clearly.


The Boston Harbor Hotel is located in the heart of the metropolitan area and boasts beautiful views of the city and waterside activities (Boston, 2011), (Appendix A- Property Pictures).

Project Format:

Please present the entire project in 1 manila folder or binder with a cover page with team member’s names, table of contents to include which team member’s worked on which section, section dividers, page numbers, and cite references. DO NOT staple any sections together or use plastic sleeves.
All sections of this project must be produced using word processing, presentation software, and excel spreadsheets. No hand written or drawn materials will be accepted unless otherwise stated.

As a reminder the “project” is part of the required coursework. If a student chooses not to hand in a project a grade of “F” will be issued for the term.
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