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Destination Visioning Plan Project Instructions

Destination Visioning Plan Project Instructions


As a group (3 or 4)you must choose a location in the UAE where there is the potential for Cultural Heritage Tourism to be developed. (The location or site chosen should not currently be a fully developed cultural heritage tourism attraction).

The location / site chosen must have possible attractions that can be transformed to give tourists an authentic tourism experience showcasing Emirati culture and heritage.

You will conduct an assessment of this location and develop a vision and a strategy for this location,integrating the views of all stakeholders, as a Cultural Heritage tourism destination.

Introductory Information for the Project

Destinations can be viewed as loosely bounded networks of organizations that deliver the tourism experience. This definition recognizes the importance of stakeholders, relationships and partnerships particularly that of the host community at the destination (Cooper, 2012).  A truly sustainable destination will recognize that it must satisfy all its stakeholders in the long term.  This can be achieved by a destination visioning, strategic planning approach which balances a marketing orientation focused on tourists, with a planning orientation focused on the needs of local people (Cooper, 2012 p.37). This approach ensures that tourism delivers economic benefits to the host community, the delivery of quality experiences to the visitor / tourist and an over-arching destination vision.

Visioning can be defined as a dynamic and engaging process, very much a bottom-up approach, focused upon bringing together stakeholders in a collaborative and participative goal-setting approach to generate a ‘shared vision’. Visions are inspiring, imaginative and reflect the shared aspirations of the destination. In addition, the vision crafted presents a practical and achievable picture of where the destination sees itself in the future.

For the purposes of this project your chosen location can be considered a cultural heritage destination nested within the greater Emirate, UAE destination.



1.0     Introduction

Give a clear overview of the project.                                                                          5 marks


  • Location Audit / Assessment
    • Detailed description of the location (including, if possible, photos, maps, satellite pictures, etc.)

2.2Reasons for choosing this location                       5 marks


3.0.  Destination / chosen location SWOT Analysis                                          Total 15 marks
3.1SWOT Analysis: The Group is to conduct a detailed audit of what the location currently has to

offer and what it is missing in terms of transforming your location into a cultural heritage site. As a

group your goal is to describe and analyze the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats

presented by your chosenlocation.


Use the following examples of Tourism Supply Elements to guide you in identifying the strengths,

weaknesses, opportunities and threats of your chosen location / destination:


Natural resources and environment

Built environment (Infrastructure and Superstructure)

Visitor attractions (in particular cultural resources) and Activities

Hospitality (Accommodation / Food & Beverages)

Access and Transport                                                                                     (7 marks)


3.2Analysis of SWOT. The groupneeds to explain how you intend to maximize or capitalize on the strengths and opportunities you identified in the SWOT that will help achieve long term success for your cultural heritage attraction. In a similar manner, the group must analyze / discuss how to overcome the weaknesses and threats identified through your SWOT. Note: Your SWOT analysis will be used to help develop your Vision and Cultural Heritage Product strategy.

(8 marks)


4.0  Stakeholder Analysis                                                                                             Total 15 Marks                                                                                                                                                                                 
4.1            Identify and discuss the major stakeholders. Identify all the people, companies, groups or

entities that can influence the success of the project, or that have something to gain or lose in the project.         Plot the influence (power) and stake of each identified stakeholder on a graph.                                                                                         (5 marks)

4.2The group must investigate one major stakeholder (e.g. Government tourism authority,

Tourism operations, Host Community) opinion of your proposed development by designing a

brief questionnaire containing 10 to 12 questions (e.g. variety of statements to gauge opinions,

attitudes, thoughts, ideas).The group is expected to distribute 50 questionnaires and

analyse the data collected.(10 marks)


  • Vision

Taking into account the above analyses, describe the vision that you have for the destination / location emphasizing its cultural heritage importance.


Briefly explain:

  • What you imagine the destination will look like
  • What people will do there
  • What value will they will get out of a visit there.


Your vision must take into account the views of all stakeholders and the core values of the host community identified previously.                                                                     10Marks


6.0  Mission Statement                                                                                                                 Total 5 Marks

Develop a mission statement that states clearly:

  • What will be the purpose of the cultural heritage site

6.2   Target Markets: Who the site will be serving(who are the target markets)


You must consider both the tourist / visitor AND community needs.



7.0   Strategies                                                                                                                                  Total 30 Marks

7.1          Product Development: Explain your strategiesto develop your cultural heritage location /

Site’stourism offerings andservices in the following areas, when applicable.

  • Visitor Attractions and Activities:
    • Cultural and heritage resources
    • Natural environment
    • Built environment
    • Festival and events
  • Hospitality:
    • Accommodation
    • Food and beverage
  • Access and Transport



Remember to refer to your SWOT analysis and Stakeholder analysis. Your strategies should build on your strengths and opportunities and overcome identified weaknesses and threats. Please make sure you address ways to manage carrying capacity.In addition, distinguish how the offerings may differ for nationals, for foreign residents, and for international visitors when applicable. If no distinction is necessary, explain why.10 Marks



7.2          Cultural Heritage Interpretation of site communicated to visitors: Your Strategy for

Interpretation shouldcontain the followingelements:

7.2.1What to interpret – what do you want your visitors to learn, understand. The need

Toprovide the visitor with an emotional experience

7.2.2How you will communicate with visitorsat your attraction: tour guides, choice of

media, includingLeaflets, interpretation boards, Mobile Apps.

7.2.3Training of staff, community involvement – volunteers                        10 Marks


7.3          Promotion strategy – The group is to develop a promotional

strategy for the specific target markets  identified in section 6.2.

Using the promotionmix as a guide explain how you are going tocommunicateawareness

ofyourcultural heritagelocation / destination andpromote it to ensure regular tourist

flows.  Please give one example of a suggested promotional tool (in addition to website

homepage) for example a poster, social media front page or brochure.

10 Marks

8.0 Sustainability – Impact Analysis                                                                                        Total 10 Marks

Your task is to clearly show that your proposed tourism development and subsequent growth in tourist numbers is sustainable over time – that is, positive tourism impacts are enhanced and negative impacts appropriately controlled and managed. Specifically, give a balanced evaluation of how your project is sustainable in the following areas:

  • Environmental
  • Socio-cultural
  • Economic


9.0 Conclusion

Summarizes and gives finality toVisioning Plan             





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